A brief introduction

My name is Susan Trombley, and I’m an independent author of fantasy and science fiction romance. I currently have three books available on Amazon:

The Princess’s Dragon

                The Child of the Dragon Gods

                The Dragon of Light (Breath of the Divine Book 1)

All three of these full-length novels take place in the fantasy world of Altraya and feature dragons, unicorns, magic, and adventures in fantastic lands. They are Young Adult novels.

The first two books in the list are chronologically before the third but are stand-alone books. Dragon of Light is part of a series, because although I did tie up some major story threads, there is still much, much more going on in Altraya that was started in the first book in the series.


While I have been continuing work on book 2 in the Breath of the Divine series, tentatively titled Divine Dragon Reborn, I have also been working on another pet project, a book called Lilith’s Fall, which I’m getting ready to publish soon.

Lilith’s Fall is a departure from my other books, primarily because it is not YA. It is adult romance, which means there’s explicit content that isn’t suitable for younger readers. It’s also science fiction, rather than fantasy, which is another departure from my published novels.

Switching from Young Adult to adult romance wasn’t a big change for me. By the time I conceived of Lilith’s Fall, I’d already written a couple of adult romances for my own library. Some of them are pretty off-the-wall concepts. Definitely experimental fiction.

Lilith’s Fall was different from the start. First off, the characters hijacked the story almost immediately, taking my ideas for the story and casting them to the wind. They wanted to do their own thing, and I was a helpless passenger, dragged along for the ride. I knew then that this story was special.

I was so taken with the world and the way it evolved from a very loose concept to a fully realized environment that as soon as I typed the final word of Lilith’s Fall, I started on the sequel, tentatively titled Balfor’s Salvation. The stories almost wrote themselves. Once I finished the second manuscript, I started on the third, which is in the works right now. It will probably be the end of 2016 before Balfor’s Salvation comes out as it must be revised and edited, but the stories keep coming. I’ve already plotted out to the fifth book. When I started Lilith’s Fall, I had no idea it would become a series, much less a five book minimum series. My characters continue to surprise me.

So why is it called Lilith’s Fall? I’d like to leave that open to interpretation. J


Here’s a sneak peek of the back cover blurb:

Her people call him a demon, but he’s the only one who can save her.

When gifted computer engineer, Lilith Galeron, is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit by the brutal regime that controls Dome City, she has no idea what will become of her. People arrested by the Peace Keepers have a habit of disappearing.

 Her captors throw her into a cell with a demon; a creature she never really believed existed. Terrified by his fearsome aspect, she expects him to kill her. Instead, he talks to her, and Lilith discovers that Ranove’s people, the umbrose, are not the demons humans believe them to be. She also learns that the world beyond her “bubble city” is far larger and more fascinating than she could’ve imagined.

Yet even after their escape from prison, danger surrounds Lilith and Ranove. There’s no safety even within the sheltered walls of the umbrose city of Sanctuary. Can they live long enough for the passion that ignites between them to grow into a love that can survive their differences?

Please note: 18+ Contains explicit content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Edited to add: I wanted to note that the beautiful artwork for my Dragon of Light book cover that is featured on this blog was done for me by Mike Alvear.

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