Lilith's Fall Cover1
Now Available on Amazon Kindle

Big news! Lilith’s Fall is now published and available on Amazon in ebook format. Exciting! Hurray! Years of blood, sweat, and tears (well, not that much blood, but lots of tears of frustration) are finally rewarded by seeing my book in… wait, where exactly IS my book?

Hold the cartwheels of joy (which is probably a good move anyway). It’s time for a reality check. Enter my name and Lilith’s Fall comes up no problem. Enter in a keyword search for alien romance, fantasy romance, science fiction romance, or paranormal romance, and after applying a few filters, you might find it on page four if you sort by newest arrivals. If you don’t sort… well, good luck. Needle in a haystack time.

I’m sure there are all sorts of spiffy search algorithms that determine where a book comes up in a search, but since I don’t know them, I’ll base my assumptions on what I can observe. My book needs reviews. Good, honest, ethical reviews that other readers can trust.

So I reach out to y’all, my favorite folks. Starting tomorrow – June 1 – and going through June 5th, I’m running a free book promotion on Amazon. Now’s your chance to pick up a copy, FREE. Yay! Free stuff is great.

I hope that once you read it, you will just love it to bits and feel inspired to leave a review. Amazon, Goodreads, your own book blog if you have one. Wherever you think it might help other readers find my book. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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