Why the Fashion Industry is Dying—Laughing at Salad & Cleavage Snacks

This blog pretty much says it all, which saves me from saying again. Although I will add that it’s not just clothing choices that seem limited for women of a certain age and size. I’ve noticed that romance novels so rarely feature a heroine in my age group, much less in older age groups, though they’ve have gotten better at featuring women of different sizes. It’s almost like women of a certain age disappear from media entirely unless they’re playing someone’s mother or grandmother or friendly neighbor. I would like to see a change, and I think we will as the “gatekeepers” between the consumers and the producers disappear. I know that not all of my heroines will be in the “fertile” range. 😉 That may put those books in a “niche” market, but I have a feeling it will be a growing niche.

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Today we are going to talk about something a bit different, but maybe this might inspire your fiction, because if the world changes guarantee you a writer was behind it 😉 .

As I was perusing Facebook Friday evening, I came across an article that gave me an odd reaction. It made me want to stand and cheer, yet at the same time, rail at the heavens for the unfairness of it all. Tim Gunn from Project Runway leveled his crosshairs on the fashion industry. OMG I so love him for doing it, too.


A Plus-Sized Problem

According to Washington State University, there are over 100 million plus-sized women. The average woman now wears between a size 16 and a size 18 and yet plus sizes are almost never represented in fashion and if they are, the clothes are…ridiculous.

Most are passive-aggressive jabs at overweight women.

I am…

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