Balfor’s Salvation Now Available!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Balfor’s Salvation has been released and is now available on Amazon in ebook format.


It is also available for Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the description:

Dangerously unstable and exceptionally violent are definitely not qualities Stacia Dornan looks for in a mate, especially after the harrowing experience of having half of her jaw torn off by an adurian warrior. Yet, when she meets Prince Balfor to discuss a trade alliance between her father’s company and the umbrose, sparks immediately fly between them.

Prince Balfor knows he’s fighting for his own sanity, and with so much responsibility weighing him down, he can’t afford to lose the battle, but when the fragile, scarred human named Stacia accidentally summons him to her bed, he cannot resist her call, despite the complications that will arise when he declares her his concubine.

Balfor and Stacia meet to secure the future of both their species, but their unexpected desire for each other could pose a threat to everything they hold dear.

Even as the obstacles that stand in their way seem insurmountable, the greatest threat to their growing love lies beyond the shadows of Sanctuary, where their common enemy lies in wait.

Can Stacia and Balfor overcome their own pasts and prejudices to find love with each other, or will they fall to the enemy first?

Warning: Explicit content  18+ Contains scenes that are not suitable for younger readers.

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