I Changed My Mind.


Okay, so I know I laid out a whole schedule for this blog with different subjects for different days, but I decided that I wanted to keep this blog pretty much focused on my writing and my inspiration as an author, rather than my other hobbies. I am going to keep blogging on Mondays, but I won’t be blogging on Thursdays or Saturdays unless I have updates.

Which reminds me! I have an update. I am going to publish chapters of a story on my blog free for anyone to read. I have the first draft of the first chapter finished and will be publishing it next Friday after I have a chance to do some edits.

The exciting part is that I am going back to Altraya, the Universe in which the Princess’s Dragon is set. In fact, this story begins in neighboring Barselor, where Queen Isa is still attempting to become a lich to keep her daughters from the throne. You won’t believe what she’s willing to do to accomplish this.

princess dragon cover

This story will be a clean romance (no graphic sex scenes), but it will also focus on some characters who’s stories I’ve always wanted to tell, but never had the right inspiration for. Now I do, and I hope that you’ll enjoy how their story unfolds. I’ll leave the rest a mystery until next Friday. I hope you’ll join me to find out what happens (and who I’m even talking about 😉 )

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