Okay, I liked the previous cover for Lilith’s Fall (I guess I should have since I designed it!), but I felt like it needed more… something. So I hired a professional. Given that this is part of a series, I also wanted to create a uniform look between all the books in terms of font and imagery, etc.

I’ll also be changing the cover to Balfor’s Salvation, even though I absolutely love the amazing artwork done for me by Mike Alvear. The problem with that cover, and even with the first cover, is that they don’t really speak to the genre.

Balfor’s Salvation has plenty of action and fighting in it, but it is ultimately a romance novel. Unfortunately, the cover doesn’t really show that.


Lilith’s Fall is a sexy novel about a woman discovering herself through an unconventional lover, but the original cover didn’t really show that either.


The new cover for Lilith’s Fall came from an image that caught my eye immediately as I was scrolling through thousands of images.

I passed that on to the designer and they did an excellent job creating the finished product. Though Lilith looks a bit different from the woman on the cover, I simply couldn’t resist this image.  When I was looking for the cover image, I chose to convey the feeling of the book more than exactly represent the characters. I wanted that somewhat menacing but also sexy imagery which would closer reflect what Lilith goes through during the book. At first, she fears Ranove, but then… well, you’ll just have to read it. 😉

I can’t wait to see what my designer comes up with for Balfor’s Salvation. I hope the cover ends up being as eye-catching as this one is.

What do you think about the covers? Do you believe that covers make a difference when you’re selecting a book to read? Does the cover need to look like most of the other covers in the genre that you’re familiar with in order for you to click on the description? I’ve been asking myself all of these questions, and I still feel that I can’t say conclusively that I have an answer. I’ve chosen books for many different reasons. Nowadays, I tend to follow recommendations rather than simply scroll through listings looking at covers. (I just don’t have the time to search like that anymore!) Probably because so many book covers in my genre look alike.

Coming Soon!


On a related note, Lilith’s Fall and Balfor’s Salvation will soon be available in paperback format as well as ebook. I’ll post an update when both books go live in paperback.


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