The Princess’s Dragon Rewrite Update!

This blog is not only a day late; it’s also going to be a dollar short, because it’s Spring Break and I’m short on time.

princess dragon cover
The first edition of The Princess’s Dragon is no longer available. The second edition will be coming by the end of 2017!

I’ve just recently finished the first revision of The Princess’s Dragon after deciding that I had to make it as polished as I could, given my current writing ability compared to what I was capable of over seven years ago. I’ve learned so much about the craft in the intervening years that I believe the story can really shine from a little bit of polish. 😉

Rewriting The Princess’s Dragon has turned out to be an emotional experience for me. The work seems so raw to me now, but there’s so much heart behind it that I’ve even teared up during some of the scenes. I remember now—after reading over those passages—where my mind was at during that time. It’s like opening up an old photo album and paging through the pictures. Some make you cringe, but most make you smile.

As I’m revising my favorite story, I can detect the enormous influences that certain life events had over it. I’m always concerned, as I decide what to cut out and what to leave in, that I’ll end up stripping it of what makes it so unique in an effort to provide a degree of polish that it doesn’t have now. However, I’m taking my time with this and expending every effort to ensure that it doesn’t lose what made it special.

So far, I’ve retained the majority of the integral story, and have mostly focused on tightening up the prose and clearing out nonessential details. I’ve fallen back into the world of Altraya and all its magic (which is a good thing, because I’m inspired now for Morbidon’s Bride!) After spending so much time steeped in futuristic and science-fiction romance, it’s a complete mental shift to return to fantasy, but it’s been fun, and I’m glad I decided to tackle it.

I’ve unpublished the original edition of The Princess’s Dragon in anticipation of the re-release. This story is very special to me, and I will take quite a bit of time working to get it just right, so I probably won’t be releasing it again until the end of this year—Jessabelle’s Beast comes first—but when I do, be prepared for a story that has every bit of the magic of the original, with an added flair that I wasn’t capable of back then.

Let me know if you’re looking forward to the re-release in the comments below.

I’m sorry this blog is so short and unstructured. There’s so much more I wanted to say about the rewrite! I just don’t have much time this week at all, but I didn’t want to let you guys down after promising to blog once a week.

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