Free Alien Romance!

Now that I got your attention, 😉 don’t miss your chance to pick up the ebook of Jessabelle’s Beast, absolutely free on Amazon this weekend (6/30/17 –  7/2/2017) only!

Resized cover for Jessabelle's Beast

Gorzo has journeyed across a vast ocean to join the Umbrose in Sanctuary, but finds himself alone among them because of differences between his tribal upbringing and their city culture. When Lady Lilith convinces him to try a new matchmaking service to find a human mate, he’s at first reluctant. Then he sees Jessabelle Ellis from across the room, and in that moment, he knows with every fiber of his being that she was made for him. Having to hold his dangerous primal nature strictly in check where Jessa is concerned, Gorzo is anxious to offer her a claim as soon as possible, before his primal grows impatient and decides to dispense with the formalities and simply abduct her.

Jessabelle Ellis goes to the Outland Connections matchmaking company for her own complicated reasons, but after spending her childhood in an orphanage, she can’t help thinking it would be nice to have someone to call her own. When she sees Gorzo for the first time at a mixer set up by the company, she’s intrigued by him and feels a sense of kinship with him, noting that he seems as out of place among his people as she is among hers.

Their next meeting places them on a dangerous path when Gorzo offers his claim and Jessabelle accepts, agreeing to move with him to Sanctuary. Their passion blooms quickly, but little do they know that the timer is ticking until Jessabelle’s past threatens to destroy their future.

Author’s note: 18+ Contains explicit content. Each book in the Shadows in Sanctuary Series is about a new couple finding love. They don’t have to be read in order, and each couple’s stories are resolved in their book.

I hope you enjoy reading Jessabelle’s Beast as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, if you like my books, please consider spreading the word with reviews and recommendations so other readers can find them.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy reading!

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