Vacation Mode


I had a plan for this Monday’s blog, but my brain checked out early. It just cashed in its chips and ran for the door. So unreliable! Tsk, tsk.

That’s why I abandoned my plans, (don’t worry, I made notes for other Mondays so you will see the blogs I intended) and decided to go with a bit of news and updates.

First off, I just have to say I’m and having an excellent morning. An awesome reader, CLS-LRS, just left me a wonderful 5-star review on Amazon for Balfor’s Salvation which made my day—maybe even my entire week. 😉

Balfor's Salvation small image

I’m grateful to all my readers, especially the ones who take the time to leave reviews (even those that aren’t the most positive) because I learn so much from them, but this time was special because CLS-LRS not only let me know about the posted review, but also left me feedback on my blog. Plus, we’ve shared alien book recommendations for years on the Amazon thread “Romances with aliens that actually look like aliens.” If that’s your thing, y’all should definitely check it out. There are tons of great recommendations there, as well as a bunch of wonderful people like CLS-LRS. Okay, this is my last time saying thank you, I swear. 😉 Broken record off.

I also have to give a huge thanks to V.C. Lancaster, who gave me a wonderful surprise on Saturday by recommending my books in that same thread. She’s also an author of alien romances which are fantastic, and I’m such a fangirl, so of course I was over the moon to see her recommending my books. Check out her blog to find out more. I highly recommend both her Ruth and Gron series and her Office Alien series.

In other news, the reason my brain took a vacation is because I’m finally going to take one too. A real vacation, away from chores and housework—and the temptation of the laptop and all my unfinished manuscripts. Most of our family vacations end up being weekend trips or “staycations” which never force me to disconnect, so I’m always drawn back to my WIPs instead of focusing on family time.

Me on a Stay-cation

On this vacation the laptop stays home so I will have no choice but to socialize (ahhhh!)

Me being told I have to socialize. 😉

I will be sporadically checking up on my social media, but if I don’t respond to any comments or posts right away, please know that I will when I return. Also, I will still publish Friday’s chapter of Morbidon’s Bride, but it will be on Thursday (I didn’t think it was fair to make you all wait 😉 ). I won’t be publishing a blog next Monday.

And now for a few updates. I have a couple of scifi romances (aliens, of course 😉 ) that I’ve been playing around with, but I keep switching between them because they are in the same universe, so when I start writing one, I get a ton of ideas for the other one, and vice versa. This has made overall progress on them slow. Add to that the fact that I’m still working on Morbidon’s Bride and the rewrite of The Princess’s Dragon.

I also decided to dust off an old alien romance manuscript that I wrote for myself a while back when I couldn’t find any new alien-that-looks-alien romances that I hadn’t already read. Since it’s already complete in the first draft, I thought I’d play around with it in my free-time (hahahahaha) and see if I can get it polished up enough to publish. I’ll keep you updated on that.

In addition, I’ve been working on a short story that will be a prequel to all of the events in the Shadows in Sanctuary Series and will answer some questions raised by the epilogue of Jessabelle’s Beast. My plan is to offer that free to subscribers if I ever get a newsletter going. If I finish it before I finish the whole newsletter thing, I’ll still make it free. 😉 I have to warn you though; I have a hard time with short stories. They don’t like to stay short. They always want to grow up to be novels. I’m trying to avoid that with this one. Hopefully, I can keep it in short story territory.

If that doesn’t seem like enough work to keep me busy, I’ve also been working (albeit sporadically) on fleshing out the outline for Uriale’s Redemption. I think the big baddie from my Shadows in Sanctuary Series is going to be one of my most challenging romance “heroes” yet. I’m looking forward to that challenge, and it’s difficult to contain my work on that to just the outline, but I want to remain focused on my upcoming release.

Aaaand now you probably see why I need to be forcibly dragged  away from my laptop.


I hope you all have a great week (or two 😉 ) Enjoy yourselves!

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