I personally like the dark clouds over Miami, but that’s just my thing. 😉

I’m back from my vacation and it’s so good to be home! Being away from my laptop (and phone! Gah!), was not as relaxing as I anticipated. Needless to say, my handwriting skills got a workout on this vacation. I don’t think I’ve ever used my little journal so much.

I had a good time, but there’s nothing like coming home to work on projects you love. I did get to spend some time editing the latest draft of The Princess’s Dragon in hardcopy, but of course, I wanted to make changes and essentially rewrite the beginning (once the sheer quantity of red ink threatened to fully obscure the page), but was unable to do so, which made revising it frustrating. I know, I know, who brings work on vacation? Well, I guess I do. 😉

The important thing I did on this vacation was to reconnect with my family. Sometimes that’s difficult to do when you are at home and surrounded by technology and chores and WIPs and anything else that can distract from just sitting outside and watching the clouds drift past with the people you love the most in the world.


With school starting up soon and summer vacation winding to a close, I’ll have plenty of time to write, but far less time with my daughter, who is growing up into an amazing, intelligent, creative young woman. Every time I take a break in my hectic life and really take a good look at my child, I can’t believe I had a hand in making her. She is by far my greatest creation! But she’s also so much her own person that it’s hard to believe sometimes that she didn’t spring whole-cloth from a cabbage patch. 😉

I know. It’s not a cabbage patch. 😉 But it is a pretty flower. 😀

I also got to spend my time on vacation really taking note of life’s little details. The smells on the breeze, the sounds of the wind rushing over the balcony or the waves lapping on the beach, the briny taste of saltwater splashing down my snorkel (well, I could have lived without that last one, honestly!)

You can’t fault the views!

There was also the overwhelming feeling of floating in a choppy ocean with the ground far below my feet. I was small and insignificant, a mere dot in a sea of stunning blues that put the sky to shame. Colorful fish (the kind this land-locked girl only sees in aquariums and animated movies) teemed around my fins, wondering at this new type of clumsy fish. A sea turtle, free, wild, and absolutely fascinating up close, tugged at the sea grass just below the diving platform—no aquarium glass separating us. If I can get that picture off my underwater camera, I will share it. It was an unbelievable experience! We saw another sea turtle surface as we were sailing away from port, almost as if to say good bye—or perhaps good riddance—to us. 😉

As a writer, it’s important to me to not live in a sensory-sterilized environment. If all I experience with my five senses rarely changes from day-to-day (the same house, same city, same people, etc.) I run out of new details to write. I’m sure I could research how things taste and smell and feel, but it’s not the same as actually experiencing them in person. I love to add sensory details to my writing! Don’t be surprised if you see some beach scenes or ocean scenes in my new books. 😉

Well, I guess I’d better get back to work, though honestly, since I love what I do, I don’t really consider it work (except on those days when everything I write seems like garbage to me-but that’s a whole ‘nother blog).

A rainbow, guiding us home…or to Circle K. Mind you, this rainbow came after we outran an actual tornado. It was a pretty scary experience!

I did want to add a head’s-up on an upcoming Goodreads Giveaway for my book, Lilith’s Fall. I will be giving away five signed paperback copies to lucky winners in the U.S. through Goodreads Giveaway program (This is my first foray into the giveaways, so please forgive me, international readers. I’ll be doing more research into shipping costs and the like so that I can hopefully expand future giveaways). The Giveaway starts on August 1, 2017 and runs until September 1,2017 when the winner will be randomly selected by Goodreads, so be sure to look for it if you have a Goodreads account, or consider signing up for Goodreads so you can enter these giveaways. I have plans for more giveaways for my other books. I have some of my fantasies that I am considering giveaways for as well. I will provide more details as we get closer to August, as well as (if I can figure it out 😉 ) include a sign-up button on this blog.

Goodreads Giveaway of 5 signed paperback copies, starts August 1, 2017.


How was your summer? Did you have a vacation or a “staycation?” Or both? Or neither? Which did you prefer? I don’t relax much on vacations due to my anxiety so…I have to say that staycations are generally my preference, but it’s always good to force myself out of my rut. Whatever you did on your vacation, I hope you are having a great summer and that will carry on into the Fall. (which is admittedly still a ways away for us!)

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