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Lilith's Fall by Susan Trombley

Lilith’s Fall

by Susan Trombley

Giveaway ends September 01, 2017.

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Hey All! Don’t forget to click the link to enter my Goodreads Giveaway for one of five signed paperback copies of Lilith’s Fall! Your chance to enter ends on September first, so don’t miss the window to sign-up! The prize is a free copy, signed by yours truly and shipped directly to you!

Here’s a brief description of this futuristic science-fiction alien romance:

Ranove might look like a demon, but when his captors put a curvy human female into his cell hoping he’ll kill her for their entertainment, all he wants to do is protect her from their abuse.

Lilith’s ordinary and boring life has suddenly spiraled out of control and now she’s imprisoned with a demon, but it doesn’t take long to discover that Ranove is not the monster she believed him to be.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous, as her captors are about to find out when they try to take Lilith away from him.

This steamy futuristic romance is the beginning of the Shadows of Sanctuary series where a new couple finds happiness in each book.

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