Well now lookie here. What do we have here? Wait…it’s a Monday! Gah! That means blog day! *runs around in circles, pulling out hair*


Okay, it’s Monday again. Somehow, it just keeps sneaking up on me. Someone needs to put a bell on that thing! I don’t have a lot of… well, actually I have a ton of stuff going on! It’s more like I don’t have a lot of time to blog about it (or to blog about all the neat things I want to blog about).

Instead, I’ll just quickly give a summary of some of what I’m planning for the future. (Ah, the future! The beautiful, all-my-work-is-done future that exists only in my fantasies next to that shirtless bodybuilder holding the grapes).

I was going to post a shirtless man pic, but I thought it might be too mouthwatering, so instead I give you these juicy, delicious grapes. 😉

So first up, I’m hard at work on my sci-fi alien romance, and loving every minute of it. I love my hero! (I usually do, 😉 ) This guy’s a little different from the typical romance hero, but I don’t want to give too much away, because spoilers! So I’ll just say, it’s times like these that I remember why I write!

In addition to that, Morbidon’s Bride is on the downward slope in terms of nearing completion, and I’m feeling both sad and excited about that. It won’t be too soon though. Don’t worry. I will resolve the outstanding questions you might have. 😉 I won’t leave ya hangin.

I’ve back-burnered The Princess’s Dragon for a bit so I could focus on these other WIPs, but I will be getting back to it soon.


And in other parts of my life, I’m trying to…you know…have a life. One outside of all the characters talking inside my head. I’ve got some home improvement projects coming up and some (really belated) Spring Cleaning to do. Also, my absolute favorite holiday of the year is approaching (Halloween if you don’t already know 😉 ) and I want to throw a party for it, which means lots of planning, so there’s that! 2017 is flying by, y’all (yes, I really talk like this, no, I’m not from Georgia)! What the heck, I just celebrated New Year’s, and I have a ton of resolutions I have to get crackin’ on!

Lastly, I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for short stories set in my Shadows in Sanctuary universe. The only problem is, I struggle with short stories. They’re actually more difficult for me to write because I don’t feel like I have enough time to explore all aspects of a character’s personality. So this will be a good exercise for me to take on. (Because I totally have nothing else to do with my time, hahahahahaha).


Okay, that’s what’s up for the future for moi. What do you all have going on for the future? Do you have any plans for the holidays? Any spooky Halloween decoration eye-deas (see what I did there?) you want to share? I love to hear from you guys.


And don’t forget, you don’t have to wait for the future to sign up for my Goodreads Giveaway:

Here’s a little description for Lilith’s Fall, the first book in my Shadows in Sanctuary series. Looking for alien romance? A bit of action and adventure? A smart, spunky heroine and a sexy, intense hero? Read on, and click the link to sign up! Don’t let the clock run out on this one!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Lilith's Fall by Susan Trombley

Lilith’s Fall

by Susan Trombley

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Ranove might look like a demon, but when his captors put a curvy human female into his cell hoping he’ll kill her for their entertainment, all he wants to do is protect her from their abuse.

Lilith’s ordinary and boring life has suddenly spiraled out of control and now she’s imprisoned with a demon, but it doesn’t take long to discover that Ranove is not the monster she believed him to be. That doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous, and her captors are about to find out just how dangerous he is when they try to take Lilith away from him. This futuristic alien romance is the beginning of the Shadows of Sanctuary series where a new couple finds happiness in each book.

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  1. You can say your getting ready to do some FALL cleaning instead of late Spring cleaning! LOL I might be there for Halloween but I’m not letting any monsters get my candy! 😕👻 I’ll come to your party if I’m down there. ☠️ Love y’all 😈

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