So, apparently, I have way too many Halloween decorations! Who knew? (Shyeah, like you can ever have too many!)

We just excavated the haunted shed and discovered bin upon bin upon box upon bag of Halloween stuff. I smiled sheepishly at my loving, patient spouse as we hauled it all back into the house. I know, I know, it’s only September, but bear with me here! When there’s a party to plan, Halloween has to start in September. 😀

I have also been buying decorations because the Halloween aisles at… well—pretty much everywhere—are like candy aisles for me. I should stay away, but I…just…can’t! Must…shop!

Turns out, I now have two of those life-sized poseable skeletons, because one was hiding out in the shed (I keep my skeletons in the shed. No room in the closet!). Now, what’s a person to do with not one, but two plastic skeletons?

couch skeletons
Waiting for your game to load


Try to scare the crap out of your family members, obviously.

But hey, I’m innocent! The hubby was the one to start with the opening salvo. I was just minding my own business, going about my day, when I find this lurking in the bathroom:

skeleton in bathroom
I mean the tag was sort of a dead giveaway…no pun intended, lol


Yeah, so obviously there has to be payback. I mean, you can’t let things like this slide or it’s just downhill from here.

office skeleton
I think you need to rehydrate!


Unfortunately, my effort was not as successful, because he didn’t even notice the skeleton chilling in his office, playing with all the clutter on his side table. Perhaps it just wasn’t menacing enough.

At any rate, I foresee more mischief from these skeletons in the near future, and it occurred to me that they might end up a bit like those “Elf on the Shelfs” (which we love doing every year—and which get kind of twisted)

Yes, it’s a little early for Halloween mayhem, but honestly, I have this thing about skulls and skeletons…

skeleton angels

So the hard part will probably be packing away the skeletons at the end of the Halloween season. 😦

Of course, being a bit startled by a lurking skeleton is nothing compared to nearly stepping on this with bare feet:

scorpion in house

Ah, the joys of desert living. This little guy seemed kind of appropriate though, considering my latest science fiction romance. I mean, really on topic! Maybe it’s a sign I’m going in the right direction! Or, since it scared the pants off me, maybe it’s the wrong direction? Eh, whatevs.

Not sure if there will actually be a continuation of skeleton antics in my household, but I’m totally game. Skeletons don’t have stingers!

What do you guys think? Any ideas for where my skeletons should hang out next? Any plans for the upcoming holidays? Any hair-raising encounters with local wildlife checking out the interior of your home?

I hope you enjoyed this post, which was a little break from writing. Don’t worry, in all this skeleton posing, I’m still writing daily, and I spent hours yesterday on two of my WIPs. Too long, actually, because I’m pretty certain this office chair is the exact shape of my backside!

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  1. Halloween seems a much bigger ‘thing’ over there. The shops milk it over here but it’s just a one night event really. I can remember when all we did was hollow out a pumpkin and put a candle inside to frighten off the witches.

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