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I’m very excited to announce that The Princess Dragon, revised edition, should be available as an ebook within 72 hours. I’m still waiting on the final print cover files so that I can publish the print edition, but I’ve never been a patient person, so I had to go ahead and publish the ebook edition as soon as I finalized my cover with the designer. And what a cover it is! I absolutely love it!

The Princess Dragon Cover resize

I sure hope you’ll check it out, and if you like it, maybe even leave a review.

I should note that unlike my other series, Shadows in Sanctuary, the intimate scenes in my fantasy novels are not graphic, so I don’t usually put the 18+ warning on them. I don’t know if that matters to some folks, but I’m sure that there are some readers who would like to know this.


The Princess Dragon

The kingdom of Ariva has lived in the shadow of Thunder Mountain for generations, the citizens forbidden to trespass there for fear of an ancient black dragon sealed within. Princess Casiondra is convinced that magic and all things related to it—including dragons—are nothing but superstition, and aims to prove it.

When she’s cursed by a wizard and transformed into a dragon herself, there’s nowhere else she can run to but Thunder Mountain, where she soon discovers that the black dragon is all too real. Convincing Tolmac that she’s an orphaned dragon who never learned how to “dragon” properly is the easy part. Protecting herself from falling for the noble beast who takes her under his wing to teach her the ways of dragonkind might be a task beyond her abilities. As her subterfuge with Tolmac guarantees her safety with him, there’s the question that hangs over her head. Just how long will the wizard’s curse last?

When the southern kingdoms unite to conquer Ariva, Sondra must choose between the devoted knight she’d left behind and the enigmatic dragon who doesn’t know she’s really just a human princess in disguise.


This is so exciting for me because I had republishing this book on my list of resolutions for this year. I’m also really looking forward to releasing The Scorpion’s Mate. Unfortunately, that release will be somewhat delayed due to the cover design, which won’t be completed until at least mid-February. Sigh. However, I’m really hoping to have it out by the end of February.

I’ve been rereading all of my Shadows in Sanctuary books to prepare for Uriale’s book, and I’ve also gone back to all my notes on the world. I’m eager to get started writing his story, which I’ve already outlined. It should be a wild ride. He’s always been an interesting character to me.

Usually, when I complete a manuscript in the first draft, I like to let it sit for a week or two so that I can return to it with a fresh mind for revising it. I think that what I will do this time after I finish Uriale’s Redemption, is to work on revising and editing Morbidon’s Bride. It would be nice to publish all four books by this summer so I can focus my efforts on a couple of pet projects that I’ve been wanting to play around with.

My plans are ambitious, I know. 😀 I may not meet those deadlines, but I’m determined to try.

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  1. How come Sondra didn’t go on more adventures? Tolmac is going on adventures left and right but we never get anything on her. It’s be cool to have adventures with her newfound powers and the ability to turn into a dragon.


    1. Also, why didn’t Tolmac explain the history of dragons and unicorns to Sondra after they first encountered one? That’d be an interesting look into why the Dragon harbored mistrust of unicorns and perhaps other species. Maybe even humans?


      1. These are excellent questions, and great ideas for future books! There is so much more that I’d like to put in the stories as I write them, but I often have to cut that information for the sake of the pace and relevance to the current story, as tangential world-building information can sometimes end up bogging down a story.

        The reason the unicorn/dragon rivalry came up in the second book was only because Tolmac had to actually deal with a centricorn, whereas in the first book, it was a simple and brief encounter with a unicorn that already recognized his dominance over that territory. At that point, the rivalry wasn’t relevant to the overall story, however, I do think it would be fun to explore the complicated relationship between dragons and unicorns in my universe, and perhaps I will do this in a short story on my blog. I will definitely consider it.

        As for why Sondra doesn’t go on more adventures, I never really planned it that way. That was just how the stories came to me. I guess I felt like Sondra liked to remain close to her kingdom to guard it during the time period not long after Halidor’s attempted invasion, while trusting Tolmac (who has significantly more experience being a dragon) to deal with the problems that arose further from home.

        However, it would be fun to send Sondra off on an adventure of her own with her new shapeshifting ability (and she also has powerful magic, so there is that angle I could explore as well).

        Lately, I have been busy writing my romance series, and have not had much time to return to the world of Altraya to write new books in the series, though I had several more planned when I began the series.

        Since the three alien romance series I’m currently working on are more popular at the moment, I’ve been focusing my efforts on them, but I do have a wish list for stories I’d like to get around to working on, and returning to my fantasy universe for more books tops that list.

        I think another book with Sondra as the lead, back in battle with her full dragon powers, could definitely be added to that list. Now all I need is a lot more time to write!

        Thank you so much for much for stopping in and providing feedback. I really do value comments like this that help me decide what stories to further develop and what readers would like to see in future installments.


  2. Yay! Thank you for answering my questions! I love your Breath of the Devine series, it’s a wonderful fantasy world and has great characters. Not many people take your route of the princess staying with the Dragon. It was very refreshing. One more auestion, what is Tolmac’s relationship to fire? I know he’s the God of fire but what are the extent of his powers? Can he control flame from a distance? Can he see sense fires in the area? Could he travel from one place to another via flame? How does he feel knowing that flames are essentially the reason human kind has evolved? Has Sondra made the connection that fire and humans are more entertained both spiritually and intellectually than just them waving flaming sticks around to scare off monsters? Tolmac’s flames hold a lot of value to the human race, it’s a shame that he distrusts them so.

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    1. I’m so thrilled to hear that you love the series! So do I. 😀 When I wrote the first book, I wanted to change things up by having the princess remain with the dragon instead of the knight, because I hadn’t seen anything like that before.

      Tolmac is a fire dragon of divine blood, which means he has somewhat more power than a non-divine fire dragon. His father gave him the ability to manipulate the element of fire, and his divine mother gave him the ability to take that manipulation beyond simply commanding the flames in his proximity.

      He can manipulate all forms of fire, including molten lava. Though that is technically not fire, it is imbued with enough heat to qualify. He can sense fire in the area and control it from a certain distance, but what really sets him apart from the other fire dragons is that he can grant some of his power to his worshippers by imbuing them with a bit of his divine magic. However, Tolmac chooses not to do this, because he cannot be bothered with playing the role of a god. On a side note, I’d never thought about him traveling using flame, but that would be a pretty cool power for him to have.

      It is true that his element is extremely important to humans, and that there is a temple to him in Vanguard, but since Tolmac does not care for that role, it does not get the attention it should. He is the one divine dragon that does not court followers. Part of that is because he is not as attuned to humans as the other divine dragons, who all had human mothers.

      His issue with humans (other than being a full dragon) is also due to what he has experienced when interacting with them throughout his long life, and on the many worlds where he has lived. Though he met some humans that he befriended (often against his better judgement XD), he found that most of the ones he encountered hated and feared him without reason and were always trying to slay him, or steal from his hoard. Yet, the worst of his encounters have been with those who knew he was an intelligent creature and sought to enslave him to their will, which is why he is very wary of magic users.

      Thank you again for the encouragement! Talking about this world reminds me of how much I love it! I haven’t gotten to write about dragons and wizards and magic in a while now, and I forgot how fun it is to think about all these things.


      1. Thank you for making my questions possible! You have been a great inspiration for me, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate it greatly 🙂

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  3. Hello, me again!

    Had anyone ever confronted Tolmac about his godly negligence? I’d imagine there’s some people out there who’d harbour harsh feelings considering fire being a powerful and destructive element if you consider wildfires, volcanoes, or even chemically created fire that are all under his control. Not to mention the role fire plays in passion, creativity, and drive. How would Tolmac react in such a situation? Sorry if I’m bothering you, I have tons of questions

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    1. You’re certainly not bothering me. I love that you are engaged so much in my story that you are thinking about it like this.

      Tolmac did have a run-in with Ulrick when the wizard was a child because he was keeping the volcano from erupting, and whenever he would leave his lair, it would erupt in his absence to disrupt the lives of the villagers below, so they kept sending sacrifices to appease the “god.” Tolmac had no idea why he kept finding young human women chained to his lair when he returned.

      When Ulrick accuses Tolmac of eating his sister, you find out differently in the story, but that is the first time that Tolmac really has to deal with being the “god” of fire, and people’s expectations of him because of that. He does occasionally help out, when it suits him, but yes, the followers of the pantheon do grow impatient with his lack of concern over his element.

      However, they would not dream of questioning a god, and Tolmac doesn’t generally make a habit of talking with humans that he hasn’t befriended.

      Of course, the one who did confront Tolmac (Ulrick) became like a brother to him so, perhaps more people should speak up, lol. He’s a big grump, but he’s a softy at heart, and despite his disdain for humans (which has changed somewhat because of Sondra) he does not kill them without reason, like other dragons might.


      1. Awesome! Thank you for answering my questions! Does Sondra ever miss being human?even a little? Also, would she ever take on her human form again?


      2. Sondra never really fit in as a human, so she doesn’t miss it, though she does miss things like being able to hug her parents and siblings. I did start a manuscript where Sondra returned to human form briefly, but then I scrapped that and took the story in a different direction altogether. Something which happens quite a lot for me. 😁


  4. Hello! Nod again from a long time ago! I have more questions for you.

    Where was Tolmac during the collapse of the Empire and the Wizard War? With all the wild magic and chaos going on I’d be surprised if he wasn’t even a but disturbed. Also, where does Ulrick live in The Woods? Does he live in a castle or a house of some kind? It’s hinted he’s Sondra’s ancestor, why wouldnt he like to stay with his family in the castle? Or at least keep close contact? And now that we know that Derek is Tolmacs half brother and a dragon god himself, is he going to be the one to take up Cindara’s throne and restore order? The last book left off with everything coming undone without someone controlling the power, will Derek be able to restore order?

    Sorry if this seems like a lot, I’ve finished reading all three books (again) and I’ve had so many questions that have been rattling around. This is such a creative world, I live things that spark my curiosity:)
    Thank you for making these questions possible


    1. Also one more,

      Since Sondra and New Moon are so much alike, would they ever work together and be friends or would it just be one awkward mess?


      1. Fortunately, both New Moon and Sondra are friendly people, and Sondra doesn’t feel any romantic feelings for Derek anymore, so if they ever spent time together, they would get along really well. They are both deeply in love with their mates and respect them and the people they care about, so would welcome each other with open arms.


    2. Hi Nod!
      Wow, lot’s of great questions! I’ll see if I can answer at least some of them for you.

      Tolmac migrated to Altraya after the Wizard War, around five centuries before the events of the book. The Wizard War was around a thousand years prior to book events.

      Ulrick lives in approximately the center of The Woods, which are enchanted by primeval magic and guarded by a powerful nature spirit. His house is whatever he chooses it to be, but usually it is a simple cabin, as he likes things simple at this point in his life. He doesn’t live with his descendants because they are mortal and he is not. He grew weary of watching his family all age and die around him, so retreated from the world into the woods to focus on his magic. He is still invested in the Arivan royal family and Ariva itself, but prefers to stay out of their affairs for the most part because he doesn’t want to care too much and end up losing more people to time.

      Cindara’s throne is still up in the air, but it won’t be Derek who claims it. There is a certain young lady who has some divine power inside her who might be more likely for that throne, but… I do still want to write the sequel so I won’t give too many spoilers away.

      I have ideas and outlines for more books in this series, but it is sadly one that isn’t read very often, so I’m more focused on my latest series, and have been inspired to work on them for the moment. At some point, once I have finished some of the upcoming projects I’m working on, I’d like to get back to Altraya and write the next book in the series. I’m so glad that you love these books and are interested in the world that surrounds these stories. Thank you for your interest!


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