This has been a crazy week!

Last week, I published The Scorpion’s Mate and the bonus novel, Into the Dead Fall, without huge expectations, and then I immediately went on a week-long family vacation.

The Scorpions Mate eBook cover - Resized

Now, family vacations are supposed to be work-free (not that I really consider my writing to be work, but still…) I’m supposed to be totally disconnected from my writing, so that I can connect with family. So I leave my laptop at home. Then I suffer for days and days with ideas that have to be scribbled on napkins (but that’s a complaint for another blog).

I still check my email though, so when my truly awesome reader, Cindy (fingers-crossed that you don’t mind that I called you out 😉 ), left a comment on my blog about how much she loved The Scorpion’s Mate, and that she’d shared it on a couple of Facebook pages (of authors whose work I happen to love!), I was thrilled. Obviously.

I still didn’t expect it to gain the momentum that it did. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve hit Amazon rankings I never even came close to before.

I love aliens that look like aliens in romance. When I first started out asking for recommendations on the Amazon romance forum, what seems like ages ago, I felt like I was in a tiny niche with only a few other kindred spirits, gamely offering suggestions for books that are far too obscure for how amazing they are. At the same time that I asked for those recommendations, I had started another Amazon thread looking for a different type of romance recommendation. Guess which thread lived on. And on. As it grew, I realized that my niche wasn’t so small after all.

In fact, there were far more readers for these kinds of alien romances than there were books to satisfy them. Certainly, there weren’t enough books to satisfy me. So I set out to write my own.

Confident as I was that there was now a market for these kinds of books, I still worried that a scorpion-like alien would be a bit too much, even though he was humanoid. Especially since I based him on a monster I had developed for a book that never ended up being written. I’m glad to see that my concerns were unfounded!

When I wrote The Scorpion’s Mate, I introduced certain characters for a potential sequel. One I wasn’t certain I would ever write, though I had a good idea of the plot. I just wasn’t sure the first book would be popular enough to warrant the time it was going to take to work on the sequel. As much as I write, sometimes I still have to make hard choices (I hate hard choices 😦 ), putting projects on the back burner to work on more lucrative projects. Fortunately, since The Scorpion’s Mate has done so well, I’ve decided that the sequel will have to be my next project, and I’m excited about that, because Nemon is… well, interesting, to say the least. When I dreamed him up, I didn’t think I’d ever give him his own book, because he definitely isn’t your typical romance hero. Of course, neither is Thrax. I’m glad I’ll get the opportunity to write Nemon’s story, because I loved him from the moment I put him on the page.

Adding Into the Dead Fall as bonus content for The Scorpion’s Mate was a last-minute decision that had surprising results. I have to say, I love this book so much, and had written it for myself a few years ago, squirreling it away in my personal library. Since I figured I was taking a risk with The Scorpion’s Mate (really alien hero), why not add another risky book (MFM romance with really alien heroes). I’m stoked that I have additional incentive to write the sequel, because any time I write something solely for my own personal library, I feel almost guilty. I should be writing books to publish, right? Can’t grow my career with books no one but me will ever read.

Now I get to work on Evie’s story, guilt-free, after I finish and publish Nemon’s story. I think Evie’s heroes will surprise my readers. I can’t say it hasn’t been done before, though I’ve yet to read any alien romances with this type of alien, but I’m hoping it will offer something a little different to the genre. (And yes, I have the entire book plotted. See, I was planning on writing this for myself. Someday.)

Of course, all of this means a delay to Uriale’s Redemption, although, we’ll have to see how much of one, since I’m hoping to write fast. 😀

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this, who has taken the time to read my books, post about them, and who has taken the time to write the amazing reviews The Scorpion’s Mate has been getting! I’m so honored by the attention and praise that I don’t even know how to handle it! (More exclamation points! That’s the answer!!! LOL. I have a problem with those. My fingers just love to type them.)

As always, I welcome feedback. It helps me to know what projects to work on and where to focus my efforts. I just want to say, my readers are awesome! Truly amazing. You guys are the ones that keep me inspired, and you’re the reason I continue to share my work. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. Susan – you’re pretty cute, with your talk of “outing” me. I think that anyone who read my long list of continuous comments, on your previous blog, would have had no trouble figuring out that I just would not leave you alone – and in the middle of your family vacation, too (so rude of me). I can’t even express how happy I am to see your book get so much notice! It’s about time and very deserved!! And now I can’t stop using exclamation points, either. ! !

    P.S. Love how you’re leaving us hanging with “Evie’s heroes will surprise my readers”. Now I HAVE to know what they look like …. don’t be so mean 😉 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe me, you made my vacation even better! I’m certainly not complaining.
      You gotta watch those exclamation points! They get addictive, lol.

      As for Evie’s heroes… well, let’s just say I have yet to read a romance with this particular alien, but I could have missed it. Definitely not your conventional romance hero, but I got tired of those a long time ago. 😉 okay, I’m not giving any more hints. 😁


  2. Helloooo~~!
    Dayse here, from Brazil! 😀 So, I saw Cindy’s recommendation and kept it in mind, some days later, while browsing through Amazon looking for something new to read, I saw it and got it, and when I started reading…woah! It was so different and engaging, I was thrilled! In the end, needless to say, I was already craving Nemon’s story (and FORGIVE ME, but the first time he said his name, I giggled, hard. Remembered of “Finding Nemo”, I thought it was so cute!! Actually, after the initial contact and after knowing he wasn’t an enemy, I think he’s kinda cute, don’t know why I just want to hug the guy, hahahaha). When I finished the book, I went quickly to Amazon to see if his story was already published (I hadn’t paid attention to the fact that the book was a new release), and I was so sad that it wasn’t. LOL

    Then, I moved on to Alice’s story and I loved it!!! I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next, how they would overcome their communication issues, and how Tak would fit there, well, I finished thinking “what a ride! I want more!”. I’ll definitely be looking forward to your next releases.

    I’d like to offer some suggestion, though, if possible, that would be nice for you to update your facebook author page and add a subscription option here in your blog for us to know when there’s a new post. (forgive me if there is one already, I couldn’t find).
    Lastly, thank you VERY much for gifting us with such wonderful stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dayse, it’s so wonderful that you stopped in, and I’m thrilled that you like my books so much! I love getting this kind of feedback because it motivates me to keep writing.

      Im working on Nemon’s story now. Yeah, he’s huggable (and boy, can he hug back 😉). I’m about halfway through the first draft and hopefully that will be finished by the end of the week. Then I will be working on the first draft of the sequel to Into the Dead Fall, and I’m so excited about that story I have no idea if I’m ever going to get any sleep, lol.

      Once both drafts are done, I will begin edits. That usually takes a bit longer, because I want to give my readers the highest quality story possible, but believe me, I will be working on these books every day until I release them. I will also release them as they are done. There won’t be a two-book set for the sequels but they will come out sooner and will probably be longer.

      I thank you for your advice. I definitely need to work on my notifications of updates and releases. I’d love to start a newsletter at some point! I have linked my blog with The Princess’s Dragon Facebook page so it should always show new blogs on that page, but sadly, I’m not able to spend much time on Facebook or I would never get any writing done. 😁

      I’m surprised this blog didn’t allow you to Follow. I’m not sure why that would happen. I will look into it and see if something is going on with that.

      Thanks again for letting me know what you thought of these two stories, and for letting me know you want to see more. You’ve made my day! 😄


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