Dancing and an Art Deco aesthetic appear frequently in my latest manuscript.

So much has been going on in my life that I haven’t had much time to blog (as in—no time to blog 😉 ).

I recently finished the manuscript for The Kraken’s Mate, and before that, I had worked feverishly for a week straight on the sequel to Into the Dead Fall, so I was burning my writing candle at both ends, which made me even less inclined to write a blog.

I’ll be honest. I would far prefer writing stories to writing blogs. Sharing my thoughts seems like it would be an easy thing to do, but I really struggle with what to say. In my stories, I can explore ideas through my characters. In real life, I feel like I am often too set in my ways.

My characters allow me to become someone different, even to the point of thinking differently—at least through the course of writing the story. During that time, I have to drop all my preconceived notions and ideas and think like those characters.

Sometimes, this exploration leads me away from the conclusions that I had planned when I plotted out the story, and I arrive at a whole new conclusion that I realize made sense to my characters from the start. This is so cool when it happens. It’s like staring at a puzzle for days, trying to figure out where that last cluster of missing pieces fit, then suddenly, you see the pattern emerge and the whole picture becomes clear as you put the rest of it together. It’s not what you thought, or planned. It’s so much better!


When stuff like this happens, I no longer feel like I am making up a world in my head. It’s more like I’ve been given a glimpse into a real world beyond our own where things like this could happen, and I’m watching someone’s life story play out and recording it. I’m fully immersed in my own writer’s universe, which is the best place to be when writing the story, even though it makes it difficult to come back to reality to deal with the everyday things like laundry and dishes and vacuuming.

My next project is to work again on the sequel to Into the Dead Fall, while The Kraken’s Mate goes through a “cooling off” period that will allow me to come back to it with fresh eyes for revisions and edits. I’m already excited about working on this next manuscript, so I will conclude this blog to get to work. 😀

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