It’s Alive!!!

Okay, that might have been a bit overdramatic ;), but my tenth published book, Key to the Dead Fall, is now available on Amazon!

Key to the Dead Fall resized

Yes, that’s a gray alien, and yes, he is in a romance novel as one of the heroes and not just a creepy facilitator of other people’s romances. I know, it’s risky right? I think by now, it’s fair to say that I don’t shy away from doing something different with my alien heroes ;). In this case, it came about because I see the grays appear occasionally in romance as abductors or helpers or serving in some other capacity and I couldn’t help asking myself why they’re never the ones involved in the romance.

I have some theories on that, given that they are focused entirely on cerebral pursuits to the extent that their bodies are designed to ignore physical considerations altogether. And that’s pretty much where Gray was at when we met him in Into the Dead Fall as the Looge. But then he meets Evie, and I’ll let you discover what happens next.

Now, Evie has a fated mate, and Gray knows this better than anyone. In fact, he’s the one determined to facilitate their meeting (serving the usual role of the grays, amirite? 😉 ), but things don’t always go as expected, and Doshakeren–Evie’s destined mate–has his own ideas on the relationship.

And that’s all I’m going to say right now, other than to add the blurb from Amazon here:

The sequel to Into the Dead Fall which was part of a two book set with The Scorpion’s Mate

A fated mate she doesn’t want.

An enigmatic alien she shouldn’t want.

Finding your way in the Dead Fall isn’t easy, but it’s nothing compared to figuring out what your heart truly desires.

Evie manages to survive for months in the strange parallel dimension where she’s dropped after accidentally activating a portal in her father’s shed. The Dead Fall doesn’t treat survivors kindly, as Evie discovers when she’s captured by alien creatures and taken to the settlement of Omni to be put on display in a bar.

When a gray alien appears in the bar to rescue her, she wonders at first if she hasn’t gone straight from the frying pan into the fire. Yet, the alien she nicknames Gray proves to be friendly, if a bit too determined to see her meet some destined mate she’s not interested in finding.

Gray tells her she must seek her own destiny, but she can’t help thinking she’s already found it, despite what he says. After all, her knight in shining armor has come to rescue her, and if he just so happens to have a flying saucer instead of a white horse, that’s okay with her.

Doshakeren is a hero. A legend. They sing epic songs about the warrior among his kin. When his most trusted advisor betrays him and locks him away with a strange artifact that casts him into another realm, he faces challenges beyond anything he’d ever faced before—the biggest being his fascination with the human female who makes him have forbidden thoughts that would see him outcast from his nest.

Evie must choose her own destiny, but nothing will be easy for her, least of all the Dead Fall itself, because the Nexus is watching. And waiting.

Author’s Note: 18+ Violence and explicit sex scenes. This is a MFM romance with ménage. These alien heroes are very alien and have mating habits that might not be for everyone.

I know that was all I was going to say, but I had to mention the Author’s Note and the warnings. 😀 I usually put these in because I don’t want to shock anyone. I want readers to know what they’re getting into when they read my books. It’s not like this is all the books are about, but the scenes are in there, so I like to let people know.

I hope you’ll check out Key to the Dead Fall. It’s available as an Amazon ebook for only $2.99 as well as available to read for free if you have KU.

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