Just a random beautiful dragonfly picture for no reason whatsoever… 😉 


Long time, no blog. I know, I know, I’ve been slackin’. Well, not really, since I’ve still been getting my daily word count in. I just haven’t been doing it with blog posts. Right now, I’m working on a couple of WIPs, but one has taken precedence over the others because of what has been inspiring me lately.

Some days, I walk away from my computer feeling bummed out at how little I was able to accomplish, or how unhappy I am with what I’ve written. The story won’t be moving in the right direction, which is something I feel intuitively, even though I’m following my own outline for it. Something about the way the characters are interacting, or their other behavior tells me that everything I planned for them won’t work and I’ll have to either create all new characters (a difficult prospect at that point, since they’ve become real in my mind), or I’ll have to replot the entire story.

In both cases, it often means starting from scratch, even if I’m already 20K words in (or even completely finished with the entire manuscript!) I’ve done this far too many times in the past, which makes me feel like I’m spinning my wheels and getting nothing done. It’s definitely a set-back.

On other days, I feel really, REALLY good about where the story is heading, and I’m disappointed that I have to walk away from the computer, because my mind is full of ideas. Today was one of those wonderful days. Even though I stopped working at 1800 words, I feel very pleased with where the story is going, and I’m loving the characters.

And here’s another random pretty picture which I’m sure means nothing… 😉

Of course, that could change tomorrow, and often does. Though I try to pre-plan with something of an outline, even if it’s only a phrase or two per major plot point, I often have to change things based on how my characters are developing. There are some things that are just out of character for how I’ve written them, so I have to rethink those elements. Instinct takes over and I follow what “feels” right, rather than what I thought I’d wanted for them.

I have a love-hate relationship with the creative process. I tend to become wholly invested in the story, which leads to emotional highs and lows when I’m working on it. The editing and revision process is much calmer for me, and I can’t wait until that first draft is done and I can begin the sometimes tedious work of polishing it up.

There are days when I feel like I should dust off one of my discarded manuscripts and polish those up to publish instead of working on new WIPs, but I also want to see the culmination of some of my series, so I continue work while the inspiration for those series are still fresh in my mind.

Right now, that’s a good thing. I’m very excited about my current WIP. I think it’s shaping up quite nicely. I’d love to share more details about it here, but I don’t want to commit myself yet, as things often change during the process.

Hopefully, I’ll have more specific news about my current work in progress for you soon, but until then, I just wanted to let you know, I’m still here, and I’m busily working on the my next story.


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  1. Beautiful pictures; I’ve always loved dragonflies. But that 2nd picture. Hmmm …. you know, I could have sworn we talked about snakes in the past. But, you’re the author so I am sure you’re right and it means nothing at all! *walks away shaking head in disbelief*

    Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your “life as an author”. Since I do not write, it’s very illuminating for me to hear these sorts of things. I’m also hoping it gives the “gimme now” readers a better understanding of the creative process.

    I recently told an author that, when she gets emails complaining about the frequency with which she’s publishing books, she needs to point out that she’s written/published 6 books over the past 19 months. Some authors don’t achieve that volume in an entire lifetime! Such craziness *sigh*

    I’ll be watching for a hint of the storyline to your next book. I KNOW I can cross snakes off my list of possibilities 😆

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    1. Hi, Cindy! Did someone say snakes? Were we talking about snakes? I do not recall… 😉

      I do take it as a compliment when readers want the next book like yesterday! And I know I’m guilty of saying the same thing to my favorite authors too, though I try to make sure they know I’m joking about hurrying up and getting the sequel out because I have to have it now!!

      I think 6 books in 19 months is pretty darned good! I think sometimes readers forget we have to do things like eat and sleep occasionally, lol. Plus, we want to bring the best possible story to them, so we don’t want to rush it.

      It just has to “feel” right for me. I’ve finished manuscripts that I could have gone ahead and published as they were, and they weren’t terrible stories, but there would be something that just didn’t work for me that required me going back to the drawing board to start over.

      I love my readers and I want to make them happy! I figure by writing the best book I can, I’ll make them happier than by publishing as fast as I can.

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  2. I don’t think it’s possible to write novels, novellas, whatever and keep up posts on blogs – you’ll never leave the screen! Best to concentrate on the actual writing of the stories.

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  3. I just discovered your books and love them so much!! I’m very excited for your next work (definitely *not* related to snakes, I’m sure hahaha)!!

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    1. Thank you so much, H!!! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying my books! I can’t wait to share the next one, which is in final edits 😁. And… I think I can say now that it might have a bit of snakiness in it. 😉 The Serpent’s Mate will be releasing soon! I don’t want to give a firm date yet, as I can’t absolutely guarantee it, so I’ll just say either end of this month or beginning of November. I’m devoting all my time on getting it out by then. I will be making an announcement here and on my Facebook page as soon as it’s available! Thank you again for your wonderful comment!


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