I have just finished publishing Minotaur’s Curse, which is the last of the books I’ll be putting out this year, and I never thought I’d make it in time, to be honest. But I did it! Woohoo!

I published SEVEN books this year! That is truly mind-blowing to me, but it goes to show how much the enthusiasm of my wonderful readers gets me motivated to keep writing and writing! When others are excited about your work, it’s impossible not to be excited yourself.

This year has been amazing, and I’ve made some wonderful friends in our little (but growing) alien romance niche community, and that makes me feel so blessed and happy. I thank you all for everything you do to help keep this community growing–from reading our books, to writing reviews, to sharing on social media. It really makes an incredible difference! You all rock!!!

Among my friends–who are also really good authors that I highly recommend–since I was a total fangirl before I had the great fortune to actually meet them online–we had a discussion about the scarcity of Minotaur romances, and realized we needed to do something to change that. It turns out, we all had some sympathy for the big, bully guy.

While each book is completely different from the others, we have all interpreted the Minotaur in our own, unique way, in our own, unique worlds, so if you love minotaurs, I think you’ll find more to love by checking out these other books, in addition to mine.

Minotaur: Blooded (The Bestial Tribe) by [Lucas, Naomi]
Get it HERE!
Queen's Ransom: The Golden Bulls of Minos by [Wroth, Isabel]
Get it HERE!

Jeanette Lynn–By the Horns (Coming Soon!)

Here’s a look at the cover I’ve been struggling to keep a secret for some time now! I’m so glad I can finally show it off:

Description for Minotaur’s Curse:

Lauren was haunted by nightmares of monsters as a child, but learned the hard way that the worst monsters look like everybody else.

While visiting her mother and stepfather during the holidays, she’s sent to search for her two younger brothers, who have a tendency to wander onto the land of their nearest neighbor—land that has been abandoned for a reason. When she stumbles across something unexpected, it changes her life forever, drawing her into a world beyond the boundaries of the civilization that has always sheltered her.

There, her courage will be tested, as the monsters she’s always feared when she was a child turn out to be real. When the Minotaur of myth helps her take down a manticore, she wonders if she isn’t still trapped in those childhood dreams. Except there’s nothing childish in her feelings for her bullheaded rescuer.

Asterius has just one chance to prove himself a worthy mate and win the love of the new female that has fallen into the Dead Fall, so she can break the curse upon him.

He knows it will be difficult to win her love, because she’s as beautiful and fierce as any goddess, and he fears she will never be able to see the man beneath the monster.

He will risk everything to protect her from the dangers of the Dead Fall, which seems determined to destroy all life within it.

Author’s Note: 18+ Explicit Content, including steamy scenes and graphic violence.

The first book in this series is included with The Scorpion’s Mate in a 2-book bundle, available on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited.

I’ll hope you’ll check out my latest release, and if it intrigues you, perhaps take a peek at some of the other books I have going on in the series, or checkout the other Minotaur books from my fellow authors!

As always, I want to thank my readers for taking the time to read my books, and add another heartfelt thank-you if you’ve left a review or shared my books on social media or recommended them to others. Word of mouth truly makes a difference!

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I’m also on Goodreads, though I don’t get in to check that account very often, but I always answer the questions asked of me through that site, so feel free to drop me a line or follow me there as well.

I love to hear from my readers, so you can contact me via social media or directly through my email:

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