I’m so excited to announce that my latest release, Veraza’s Choice, is now available on Amazon. It’s the fifth book in my reverse-harem, post-apocalyptic romance, and I feel like it might even be the best! (That’s not easy for me to say, as I love all my books!)

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New Omni is currently safe, protected within the sanctuary of the ancilla forest, but the leaders of the settlement know that the murderous artificial intelligence that controls the Nexus won’t give up on its mission to destroy them.

Gray has foreseen a future where he can negotiate a lasting truce with NEX, but the price of that peace is Evie. That is a price Gray is unwilling to pay, until Evie gives him no choice.

Willing to sacrifice herself to save her loved ones, Evie leaves New Omni to strike a bargain with NEX. She agrees to cooperate with whatever experiments NEX has planned, in return for it ceasing its efforts to attack New Omni—a decision that comes in the nick of time.

Ordered to seduce the outcast, Veraza, Evie must put aside her anger at him for his actions against her sister and the enmity he holds towards Iyaren. It is only then that she begins to see the true, tormented male beneath the hatred that shrouds him.

Trapped in a cage of his own making, Veraza cannot let go of his rage, until the smart-mouthed human female is forced into his life—and his bed. His initial antipathy for Evie dissolves as her presence brightens up his prison—and her love changes his mind.

Neither of them expects the passion that flares between them, but they cannot deny their feelings for long. Veraza is left facing a difficult choice, and he must make a terrible sacrifice if he wants to free the woman he loves—and return her to the mates who will stop at nothing to reclaim her and destroy NEX and all of its minions.

This post-apocalyptic, parallel-dimension romance is the fifth in the Into the Dead Fall series. It is recommended that you read the other books in the series, beginning with “Into the Dead Fall,” before reading this one, as this is a continuation of the story of Evie and her mates from a previous book.

Get it now on Amazon!

I love Veraza. And Evie! And Gray and Doshak. It was so fun to return to these characters and revisit their lives, and throw in lots of action and adventure, and a sweet, sexy romance that tugs on the heart strings. (I have never seen a heart string personally, but the saying exists, so they must be there, right? Which means, I gotta tug ’em 😉 )

I hope you love this fifth installment in the Into the Dead Fall series.

If you haven’t dived into the series yet, now’s your chance to pick up the first ebook of the series, Into the Dead Fall for FREE from Amazon. This is a LIMITED time only offer, so get it while it’s hot! (Well, it’s always hot, but get it while it’s FREE. :D)

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This is a full-length, science-fiction/science-fantasy, MFM alien romance novel that was previously published as part of a two-book collection with The Scorpion’s Mate. This is a revised edition with significant additional story content.

Though she was raised by a survivalist, Alice was not prepared to be ripped from her dimension and dropped without ceremony into the massive junkyard of a parallel dimension.

She’s wounded, alone, and lost in a world her mind struggles to comprehend. Then a four-armed alien with the face of a dangerous lion reveals that his heart is not so predatory, when he comes to her aid and saves her life. Because of her wounds, she has no choice but to accept his help.

She finally begins to grow comfortable around her leonine companion, until another warrior intervenes to save her when creatures from the Dead Fall attack them during their exploration, suddenly making everything much more complicated.

Alice still doesn’t understand what either of the warriors is saying, and if she can’t find the right words to soothe her beastly new protectors, they’ll end up killing each other.

Author’s Note: 18+ These books contain scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences. It should also be noted that the alien heroes in these books are alien in both appearance and attributes, and this might make some readers uncomfortable, as their cultures and mating habits might not be for everyone


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