The Fractured Mate is LIVE!

It’s here! It’s here! The finale to the Iriduan Test Subjects series is here! I’m so excited to finally be able to share The Fractured Mate. It seems like it has been so long in the making! This story has been in my head for ages and ages, it feels like, so it’s a relief to have it all come out in print. I love this story! I hope you do too!

Awesome cover by Naomi Lucas and Cameron Kamenicky!


As a captive of aliens, Paisley is forced to work as an engineering assistant on an ancient wrecker starship. She knows she has to keep her head down and her behavior humble in order to survive.

When the crew responds to an automated distress call from an Akrellian warship that shouldn’t be malfunctioning, she senses a threat, but she knows no one will listen to her warnings. Paisley realizes that her days of avoiding danger are over when, among the rescued passengers, trouble with a capital “T” is escorted onto her ship—in chains for bringing an apocalypse to Earth that resulted in millions of deaths.

Something about the prisoner makes it impossible for her to look away from him, and it isn’t just the fact that he’s the most handsome alien she’s ever seen. Yet, when he meets her eyes, there’s a darkness in his intense gaze that makes her think his captors might be telling the truth about him, despite his claims of innocence.

Caught between two greedy groups seeking wealth and power, Paisley soon discovers that far more lies behind the mystery surrounding the Iriduan prisoner they call Halian. He might be stealing her heart, but she can’t keep him in chains, because he could be the key to saving the galaxy—or destroying it.

This isn’t a light read, featuring a sweet-from-the-start hero. The main male character has villainous facets to him that do not immediately soften in this slower-burn romance. The journey to love will be very rough at times.

If you’re in the mood for a complex villain seeking redemption through love, a plucky, intelligent heroine willing to risk it all, and a story packed with action and romance that finally blows the doors off the galactic mystery that has lurked beneath the surface of the Iriduan Test Subjects series, then this book is for you.

Ebook now available exclusively on Amazon!

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    1. At the moment, I’m really not sure. I have a handful of projects in the outline state that are all clear enough in my mind to develop. There are standalone books for all three of my SFR series as well as two standalone books in the Rampion universe. It’s going to be a tough decision as all of these stories inspire me and are wanting to be told.

      I haven’t taken a real vacation in too long, so figured now was a good time after wrapping up the overarching thread running through my two most popular series. Now, I’ll probably base my next project on what my readers would most like to see, based on which books they are already reading and raving about. 😀

      Once I begin a new project, I will be sure to announce it on my blog and Facebook page. Thank you so much for your interest!

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    1. Thank you so much for asking! I’m so excited to see interest for Ava’s book! At this moment in time, I dont have an expected release date, so I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I am hoping to have it done sometime near the end of this year, as I’m still writing daily during my hiatus. Knowing that my readers want that story definitely motivates me to write it!


      1. Dear Susan,
        I absolutely fell in love with your Into the Dead Fall and Iriduan Test Subjects series. I was ecstatic when I first started reading your books, slowly falling in love with the characters and developing crushes. My favourite characters, besides Thrax, is the Lusians. Since reading Evie’s book with her mate Gray, I am more curious about Roz’s Cohort. Why did they choose Ava?(she is such a cinnamon roll) How did Roz and the others(?harem?) fall in love with her?
        With all the love and support of a fangirl,

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  1. Woohoo! I’m so happy to hear that you love the Lusians! Roz and Gray are two of my favorite characters to write.

    I haven’t yet written Ava’s story, but I definitely plan to! I can’t wait to share how she ended up as mate to a cohort of Lusians. I also can’t wait to share the details about Roz and his crew and why they are so different from other cohorts. Each of them has a unique story, from Associate, to Beast, to Roz himself. (There may be a bit more, but I’m holding on to those secrets for now. 😉)

    While I can’t share specific details yet, I will say that Ava’s book will be a lot of fun to write ( and hopefully to read!)

    Thank you so much for leaving this wonderful comment! I’m always excited to see requests for more stories, especially Ava’s! I wish I could tell you more tidbits, but what I’ve revealed in the other stories is all I can really share about them at the moment. I am hoping to have this story done this year. Especially since I’ve been getting a lot of requests for it.


  2. Dear Susan,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your books! I am currently re-reading your Shadows in Sanctuary Series. I was wondering if you were planning to write a sequel to the last book at some point in the future? I would love them to somehow find a way for Umbrose to mate with humans and produce children. However, no matter what series I read of yours, I want more! You are definitely one of my most favorite writers.


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    1. Hi Sandee!

      Thank you SO much for your wonderful comment! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to receive such positive feedback and interest in reading more of my stories!

      As for your question, I have written about 50k words on the fourth book in the Sanctuary series, which is probably about halfway to the finished length. I stopped writing several months ago due to some difficult challenges unrelated to my writing that I am working to overcome. I definitely plan to get back to that story as soon as possible and it is the next book I intend to finish.

      I really appreciate this feedback. It truly comes at a time when I need it most. Thank you again!


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