Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 10

Morbidon has finally brought his bride back to the Underworld, but the victory is bittersweet. Febe’s fear of him is like a physical barrier between them, and the task of winning her love seems impossible, even for a god. Desperation has him turning once again to the human, Marcos. This time, for his advice.

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 8

Febe and Marcos are forming a shaky alliance, but Morbidon has far from forgotten about Febe, and even now awaits the summons from his loyal servant to bring her back to the Underworld. However, his sister cannot resist sharing the news that his servant and Febe might be growing too close.

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 5

Febe has found a safe place to hide from the god of the dead, but Vivacel has made it clear that she has plans for Febe, plans Febe may not want to be a part of. Febe’s making her own plans for her future, but it’s difficult to control your own destiny when dealing with gods.

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 4

The ritual for Queen Isa is only the beginning of Morbidon’s challenges, and certainly the least of them. He’s ready to collect his bride, and surprises himself by looking forward to the new experience, but he will soon discover that Febe has no intention of keeping her mother’s bargain.

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This is the first chapter of the story I’m going to share on this blog. Although I try to make it clear in the story who each of the characters are, they are mentioned in my other fantasy novels, like The Princess’s Bride, Child of the Dragon Gods, and The Light of the …