Balfor’s Salvation Now Available!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Balfor’s Salvation has been released and is now available on Amazon in ebook format. It is also available for Kindle Unlimited. Here’s the description: Dangerously unstable and exceptionally violent are definitely not qualities Stacia Dornan looks for in a mate, especially after the harrowing experience of having half […]

Why the Fashion Industry is Dying—Laughing at Salad & Cleavage Snacks

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Today we are going to talk about something a bit different, but maybe this might inspire your fiction, because if the world changes guarantee you a writer was behind it 😉 . As I was perusing Facebook Friday evening, I came across an article that gave me an…

Faces of Facebook—Is Technology Killing Your Muse?

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of David Rogers We live in a brand new age for humans. Technology has fundamentally altered every aspect of our lives and offered writers countless opportunities and advantages. Yet, as the French philosopher Paul Virilio once said, “When you invent the ship,…

Tough Girls Can’t be Girly?

I’m a little late on getting this blog out because I’ve been working on revisions for Balfor’s Salvation and got caught up in a tricky couple of scenes that just weren’t coming out the way I wanted them to. I finally realized that I need to just take a break and get back to them […]