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Lilith’s Fall

by Susan Trombley

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Here’s a brief description of Lilith’s Fall:

Ranove might look like a demon, but when his captors put a curvy human female into his cell hoping he’ll kill her for their entertainment, all he wants to do is protect her from their abuse.

Lilith’s ordinary and boring life has suddenly spiraled out of control and now she’s imprisoned with a demon, but it doesn’t take long to discover that Ranove is not the monster she believed him to be. That doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous, and her captors are about to find out just how dangerous he is when they try to take Lilith away from him.

This futuristic alien romance is the beginning of the Shadows of Sanctuary series where a new couple finds happiness in each book.

The Hunter’s Mate is LIVE!

The Hunter’s Mate is now LIVE, so be sure to check it out on Amazon!

The Hunter's Mate resized

Get it on Amazon!

I’m so excited about introducing Hunter’s story, and I hope you love it! This story not only reveals more about Hunter’s Menops nature, it also advances the overarching story of the Iriduan Test Subjects universe in ways that I hope will surprise you, but in a good way. There is so much going on in this story, but I made sure to keep the focus on Tarin and Hunter and their growing romance. I loved the interactions between them as they grow accustomed to each other.

Hunter ended up being the perfect mate for Tarin, and I was so thrilled when I realized that he needed a story of his own, because I’d already introduced Tarin and made it clear in The Kraken’s Mate that she found the “insectoid” aliens a little creepy. As soon as I wrote this:

Tarin’s short laugh lacked humor. “Look, after the men I’ve dated, I’m willing to look beyond Earth for Mr. Right, but if he has pincers and wings like an insect, I’m outta there.” She shuddered. “Don’t tell Claire this, but bugs freak me out.”

I knew that Tarin would be getting an insectoid alien of her own. I just love to throw a wrench in the plans of my characters and shake them off their foundations, challenging their prejudices. Hunter was the perfect alien for this, and the fact that I felt his and Tarin’s personalities would mesh well also made it a perfect pairing in my mind.

This story also introduces another alien species that I’ve been wanting to add to one of my universes for a long time, but I was just waiting for the right moment. I feel like that moment has finally come! I hope you agree!

What’s next for this series? The sixth book in the series will be titled “The Fractured Mate,” and I’ve already created a full outline for it and have done many, many notes. I’m hoping to have that done early next year, but I don’t want to make any firm commitments yet. Rest assured that it is in the works.

Ava’s story will be after that, because there won’t be any problems with potential spoilers with her story (her mates can see the future, and that would lead to spoilers for the next book). I did do a little more hinting about her story at the end of The Hunter’s Mate. I hope you are eager for more from her and her mate(s) (It will be reverse harem, and thus far, the only one in the series).

As for what’s next on my works in progress, I am finishing up a manuscript for a secret project coming up in the Fall, and then I’ll be juggling outlines to see which one calls to me the most. I’ll be posting updates when I start on my next major project, so follow my blog, my Facebook page, or my newsletter to see those updates.

I’m finally sending out newsletters, and to make it extra special for my subscribers, I’m adding “Exclusive Tidbits” to them. Those can be excerpts from stories in progress or that are unpublished, sneak peeks, my own character art, short stories to expand on published works, character interviews, or whatever else I think might be fun for my fans to enjoy.

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The Hunter’s Mate Available for Preorder!

The Hunter's Mate resized

This is my first time doing a preorder on a release, and I set the date for August 2nd, so that should give me plenty of time to get everything done. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m also very excited to see how it goes. I’ve been waiting forever to reveal this cover! I know, I know! He’s almost human-looking! What’s that all about? Well, here’s the blurb for The Hunter’s Mate to give you a clue of what’s going on. 😉


Still haunted by nightmares about Hunter’s sacrifice to save the lives of her and her friends, the last alien Tarin expects to see on Akrellia is the Menops bounty hunter himself. She’s drawn to the dangerous male, despite his insectoid appearance, but chalks it up to their experiences together, unable to accept it might mean more—even as she decides never to let him out of her sight again.

Hunter has spent his life searching for one thing and one thing only—a cure for imprinting. To that end, he joined the traitorous Iriduan, Halian, in a devil’s bargain that has him deceiving Tarin and her friends, and he’s not comfortable with that deception—or with his growing concerns about Halian’s plans.

When the execution of part of Halian’s plan isolates Hunter and Tarin on an unknown alien world, far from help, Hunter’s problems grow even more complicated. An unanticipated metamorphosis leaves his body completely changed—in a way that makes it impossible to ignore his growing feelings for Tarin.

But secrets, lies, and a past he can’t change form a seemingly insurmountable obstacle between them. Hunter must prove he’s worthy of his queen and earn her forgiveness for his past mistakes, but the consequences of those mistakes have yet to fully manifest—and when they do, no one will be safe.

Author’s Note: 18 +

The Kraken’s Mate Art!

So my brilliant artist, Sammi Griffin, was at it again and created yet another incredible commission for my characters. This time, she brought Nemon and Joanie to life visually with one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever had the privilege to see, and I’m so stoked! If it seems like I’m exaggerating, I’m not! Just take a look!

Nemon art

If you’re wondering what book this scene came from, it’s The Kraken’s Mate

A desperate escape from a prison cell inside an alien research facility leaves Joanie in the clutches of an alien with a handsome face, a great body, and tentacles that could have come out of a horror movie. Her life back on Earth is a mess, but nowhere near as complicated as her new situation becomes when the alien test subject named Nemon decides that she’s his mate.

Nemon knows that Joanie is the mate he’s hoping for as soon as Thrax hands her to him, but he can also see that she’s frightened and traumatized. He must win a battle against his own body—which has a mind of its own—to maintain control so he can win her trust and avoid frightening her further. His newfound friends warn him that Joanie will need time to accept him, and Nemon is willing to wait, but they all may have underestimated Joanie.

They have escaped their fate as Iriduan test subjects, but Nemon and Joanie can’t escape the legacy left behind by their captors. A legacy that brings them together—a legacy that also threatens to tear them apart.


Chimera’s Gift is LIVE!!!

Wow! This has been a terrible two weeks! I had to get my tonsils out and that was a nightmare. Honestly, as badly as I needed it done, if I had known what I was in for, I might have chickened out.

Probably would have chickened out… definitely would have chickened out!

But despite how crummy I felt, I did manage to get some things done, (and I’m hopefully working on more of the things to do, so there should be more announcements coming.)

Chimera’s Gift is now LIVE, as the title says, and I’m really excited (and nervous) about this one. This will be the first reverse harem romance I’ve ever written (three heroes and one heroine) and I have to say, it was a real challenge, since there are quite a few characters to deal with, but I felt like it all worked out well for the story, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

The decision to write this particular bonding of characters wasn’t an easy one, since the initial MFM was already a really good, loving bond that I wouldn’t normally have messed around with, but the chimera brought something completely new to the Dead Fall, and when I sat down to plot out his story, I realized that it coincided with Alice and her mates’ stories. Once the pattern was there, I understood that it had always been there and it just took time for me to focus on it, and that was the one thing that was missing from the original group.

I hope you agree that things worked out as they should have, and I hope you enjoy their story as much as I do!

Here’s the blurb:

The chimera is a mystery that baffles the residents of New Omni—when his attitude isn’t making them want to kill him.

Even as a gladiator champion with many battles under his belt, the chimera finds the Dead Fall to be a challenge, so when the four-armed fire-warrior, Tak, saves his life, the shapeshifting chimera attempts to socialize, but his arrogance leaves the easygoing Tak in a fury with his thoughtless words.

Desperate for answers to understand how a mated male thinks, he seeks out Alice, Tak’s intriguing mate, while in his serpent form, and inadvertently discovers that Alice has secrets of her own. Secrets she must keep to protect her family.

The chimera and Alice enter into an uneasy bargain while he holds his silence, but he isn’t happy about the price of that silence on Alice and her mates. As he spends more time with Alice and experiences feelings for her that he’s never had before, it becomes a struggle for him to keep her secret, and he can’t help offering a solution—one that will cost him instead.

One that might cost his life.

Author’s Note: 18+ This is a steamy science-fiction alien romance with a reverse harem and menage. No MM in this one. Strong sexual content and some violence. No cheating, all parties are in agreement.


Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of updating on Facebook, but I realized I haven’t been blogging my updates as I should have been, so here’s a few updates and some pix I can’t wait to share.

First, I want to share the art that I had commissioned for Thrax by the incredible artist Sammi Griffin. I was blown away by her work, and I already had high expectations!


He is so beautiful! I love how this turned out, and I have many plans for this image, but for the moment, I just want to share it with everyone (and see if anyone notices anything else in the picture 😉 ).

Sammi also created another character drawing for me which is also incredible. I had her draw the Chimera, who will be the hero in my upcoming book, Chimera’s Gift, which is the fourth book in my Into the Dead Fall series.

chimera - resized

He’s so awesome! He is a very difficult character to describe, so I was thrilled to have such a talented artist take on the challenge of creating a visual of him. I can’t get over the amount of detail that went into this character art!

Speaking of my Into the Dead Fall series, I am having all of the covers redone so they will all have the same cohesive look to them to better reflect the fact that they’re in the same series. I do love my previous covers, but I wanted to do something cohesive for the series. I already have the first two covers done:

01_intoTheDeadFall - resized

Into the Dead Fall

02_keyToTheDeadFall - Resized

Key to the Dead Fall

The third book, Minotaur’s Curse, should be getting a new cover soon, and hopefully, you’ll be seeing the fourth cover soon as well. As for that fourth book, I’m hard at work with the final revisions, so I hope to have it ready to publish soon.

After the fourth book in my post-apocalyptic, parallel-dimension, science fiction romance, I have a few more projects to work on. One of which is a secret project that I will be disclose at a later time, but should be out this year, and the other two are plans for future books in my Iriduan Test Subjects series and my Shadows in Sanctuary series.

That should be it for updates, for the moment, but I’ll try to be better about blogging my updates a little more regularly in the future. I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment, so I have been a bit scatterbrained about how I do my updates. Suffice it to say, there are things a-happening! I’m just not so good at letting people know until after they happen, lol.

The Warrior’s Mate is LIVE!

My latest release is now available on Amazon!

I am absolutely blown away by how amazing the cover is, and once again, my cover designers did a fantastic job! Yes, they are the same ones who did the new cover for The Scorpion’s Mate.

This is Prime Commander Tirel’s story, and though it can be read as a standalone, some characters and situations will be more clear if you’ve read the first three in the series. Like all of my alien romance heroes, Tirel is an alien that actually looks like an alien. 😀 He belongs to the reptilian species called the Akrellians.

Here’s some drawings of him that I commissioned from the extremely talented artist, Sam Griffin:

tirel half size

back_final - resized2
A shot of his back to show all those dangerous quills!

Here’s the blurb:

Five years ago, I was abducted by aliens….

After a harrowing escape from an alien research facility, I found myself in the care and protection of an alien species called the Akrellians, but I didn’t trust my instantaneous attraction to the commander of the ship. After all, I had no idea what the evil Iriduans had done to me, so I didn’t know if my feelings were even my own or something they had caused.

He was reptilian and had deadly quills. How could a human possibly fall so fast for such an alien male?

When I offered Prime Commander Tirel a temporary sexual liaison, hoping it would ease the need I felt for him, he rejected it and asked for something more permanent.

I panicked.

I couldn’t escape him fast enough. Not because I feared him, but because of the temptation he offered—one that would require me to sacrifice everything I’ve ever known to stay with him.

Now, after years apart, the strange bond that had formed between us upon our first meeting demands I return to him, and I realize that I can’t continue to live my life without him. The only problem—I’m stuck on Earth, and I don’t know how to find him again.

Until an unexpected visitor brings me the solution—and the terrifying news that I may have waited too long.

Author’s Note: 18 + Contains language, and graphic scenes of intimacy and violence.

I hope you all enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The Scorpion’s Mate and Into the Dead Fall, free for a limited time!

First, I need to point out the most awesome cover by Cameron Kamenicky and Naomi Lucas, because I didn’t think they could top the cover they made me for The Serpent’s Mate:


But they did!

:O Sooooo Awesome!!!!!

They have designed the coolest, best covers for my books! I don’t want to downplay the work of my other cover designers, because they’ve also done a wonderful job, but it’s just so amazing to be able to say “I’d like to see this impossible image on the cover,” and then ta da! There it is!

Okay, fan-girling over for now (but seriously, check out Naomi Lucas’s books, because I highly recommend them, and I’m a big fan of her cyborg shifter series. She just released a new book in that series that I immediately snatched up!)


Okay, enough delays. On to my blog. 😀

After many months of preparation, I’ve finally had the chance to expand my books, The Scorpion’s Mate and Into the Dead Fall, which were first released as a two-book collection, and break them up into two separate books. I did this for several reasons, but one was so readers could find Into the Dead Fall, because every time I released a new book in the Into the Dead Fall series, readers new to the series couldn’t find the first book.

Hopefully, this will resolve that issue.

I also did this so I could expand Into the Dead Fall and  The Scorpion’s Mate a bit more. I added about twenty thousand words to Into the Dead Fall with additional story that I was going to put into Key to the Dead Fall, but since it was Alice’s story, I figured it didn’t belong in that book, which was about Evie.

Then I was trying to figure out how I would cover that part of the story, until finally coming to the realization that I needed to put it in the first book. I’m very happy with the end result and I hope my readers are too. I think I answered a lot of questions that might have been raised with the first version of that book and addressed some issues that I had left unaddressed previously. Plus, it was just a lot of fun to revisit Alice and her mates.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to read the new versions of these books for free, so I’m running a promotion for two days on Amazon (my books are exclusive to Amazon because I offer them through KU. If you got them at any other site, they’ve been pirated 😦 ).

These are alien romances with very alien heroes, so I know they aren’t for everyone, but they do have an extensive story about falling in love by looking past appearances to the heart and soul inside another person. There are graphic sex scenes as well as graphic violence, so they are intended for readers 18+

Free today and tomorrow only! (4-15-2019 and 4-16-2019)

So, why do I always stress that my books have heroes that might not be for everyone? After all, shouldn’t I want to promote my books and not discourage any potential readers?

I’ve thought about the fact that I might be scaring someone off who would otherwise love the books by adding those warnings, but at the same time, I want my readers to know what they’re getting into. I prefer to be very straightforward and upfront about what a reader can expect.

All that being said, I know that I tend to push boundaries with my books, but I also work very hard to create a good story with lovable, relatable characters, so if you’re feeling adventurous, picking up a free copy of one or both of these books and trying them out may make you realize you actually aren’t that bothered by romance with aliens that actually look alien. 😀

As for other updates, I haven’t been blogging much (or at all) lately because I’ve been writing like crazy on my novels. I have two manuscripts in the editing phase that are the fourth books in each of the series above: Iriduan Test Subjects and Into the Dead Fall.

The Warrior’s Mate will be releasing soon, and I’m deep in editing and revising that now. Chimera’s Gift will be my next release, which I will tackle once I’ve launched The Warrior’s Mate. After that, I’m about thirty thousand words into a secret project which I’m going to finish for later this year, then I’m planning to begin writing the fourth book in my Shadows in Sanctuary series (no promises on release date for that yet, as it’s not at a stage where I can make those promises.)

Those projects should finish out the year for my releases (but still no promises as things could change–sorry to keep saying that, but I don’t want to disappoint anyone if I have to change course), but not for my WIPs, as I usually try to get some writing in every day, and I have several other projects in the works in some form or another.

I still have two more books I know I’ll be releasing for the Iriduan Test Subjects series, and I’ve already written basic outlines for them. There’s also another book I’ve hinted at and promised for that series that I’ve delayed because it might contain some spoilers for future books in the series. Ava’s book is still coming! I just can’t say when at this point.

I also have at least two more books planned for the Into the Dead Fall series, as well as a book or two more involving characters introduced in that series (maybe even a spin-off involving a certain dimension and species introduced in the second book.)

I have no shortage of projects ready to go, so it’s really only about time, and about which projects will get my devoted attention to finish them first. This largely depends on what I’m in the mood to write next, and that is often determined by how excited my readers are about a specific series or characters. That excitement gets me pumped to work on those projects and gets those creative juices flowing!

That’s not to say I won’t work on pet projects of my own, and I am going to this year. It’s just that all the buzz over a book creates a positive feedback that has my brain working overtime on the next one, so I’m compelled to begin writing it just to quiet that overworking brain. 😀

That’s it for updates and announcements for now. I will try to be better about blogging, but I can’t make any promises. 😉

Minotaur’s Curse is LIVE!!!!


I have just finished publishing Minotaur’s Curse, which is the last of the books I’ll be putting out this year, and I never thought I’d make it in time, to be honest. But I did it! Woohoo!

I published SEVEN books this year! That is truly mind-blowing to me, but it goes to show how much the enthusiasm of my wonderful readers gets me motivated to keep writing and writing! When others are excited about your work, it’s impossible not to be excited yourself.

This year has been amazing, and I’ve made some wonderful friends in our little (but growing) alien romance niche community, and that makes me feel so blessed and happy. I thank you all for everything you do to help keep this community growing–from reading our books, to writing reviews, to sharing on social media. It really makes an incredible difference! You all rock!!!

Among my friends–who are also really good authors that I highly recommend–since I was a total fangirl before I had the great fortune to actually meet them online–we had a discussion about the scarcity of Minotaur romances, and realized we needed to do something to change that. It turns out, we all had some sympathy for the big, bully guy.

While each book is completely different from the others, we have all interpreted the Minotaur in our own, unique way, in our own, unique worlds, so if you love minotaurs, I think you’ll find more to love by checking out these other books, in addition to mine.

Minotaur: Blooded (The Bestial Tribe) by [Lucas, Naomi]
Get it HERE!
Queen's Ransom: The Golden Bulls of Minos by [Wroth, Isabel]
Get it HERE!

Jeanette Lynn–By the Horns (Coming Soon!)

Here’s a look at the cover I’ve been struggling to keep a secret for some time now! I’m so glad I can finally show it off:

Description for Minotaur’s Curse:

Lauren was haunted by nightmares of monsters as a child, but learned the hard way that the worst monsters look like everybody else.

While visiting her mother and stepfather during the holidays, she’s sent to search for her two younger brothers, who have a tendency to wander onto the land of their nearest neighbor—land that has been abandoned for a reason. When she stumbles across something unexpected, it changes her life forever, drawing her into a world beyond the boundaries of the civilization that has always sheltered her.

There, her courage will be tested, as the monsters she’s always feared when she was a child turn out to be real. When the Minotaur of myth helps her take down a manticore, she wonders if she isn’t still trapped in those childhood dreams. Except there’s nothing childish in her feelings for her bullheaded rescuer.

Asterius has just one chance to prove himself a worthy mate and win the love of the new female that has fallen into the Dead Fall, so she can break the curse upon him.

He knows it will be difficult to win her love, because she’s as beautiful and fierce as any goddess, and he fears she will never be able to see the man beneath the monster.

He will risk everything to protect her from the dangers of the Dead Fall, which seems determined to destroy all life within it.

Author’s Note: 18+ Explicit Content, including steamy scenes and graphic violence.

The first book in this series is included with The Scorpion’s Mate in a 2-book bundle, available on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited.

I’ll hope you’ll check out my latest release, and if it intrigues you, perhaps take a peek at some of the other books I have going on in the series, or checkout the other Minotaur books from my fellow authors!

As always, I want to thank my readers for taking the time to read my books, and add another heartfelt thank-you if you’ve left a review or shared my books on social media or recommended them to others. Word of mouth truly makes a difference!

If you’d like to follow me on Facebook, I have a page there: The Princess’s Dragon

I also have a BookBub account, where I’ll be recommending some of my top favorites, mostly in the science fiction romance genre, but also some suspense and other books I really just found interesting or intriguing. BB will also usually send you an update when I release a new book. I hope you’ll follow me on there as well.

I’m also on Goodreads, though I don’t get in to check that account very often, but I always answer the questions asked of me through that site, so feel free to drop me a line or follow me there as well.

I love to hear from my readers, so you can contact me via social media or directly through my email: susantrombley06@gmail.com

The Serpent’s Mate is Live!!

My awesome cover by Naomi Lucas and Cameron Kamenicky

The third book in my Iriduan Test Subject series is now live on Amazon! I was shooting for October 31 release date to celebrate my favorite holiday, but the possible 72 hour publish window ended up being a lot shorter. So, it’s out there, and this Halloween and Nov 1 and 2, you can pick up the first book: The Scorpion’s Mate absolutely free. So, if you haven’t dived into the series, be sure to grab a copy while you can at that price!

Here’s the description for The Serpent’s Mate

When Cass is abducted by aliens and sold to an alien pirate queen who collects female slaves to harvest their pheromones, her first experience with extraterrestrials quickly turns from surreal into a nightmare, which only grows more terrifying when an alien with a snake-like lower body and a surprisingly handsome face comes to her rescue. But Cass isn’t sure she’s actually safe with him, because he looks at her with hunger in his eyes.

Nahash has always been a loyal, honorable Iriduan soldier. After distinguishing himself above his peers, the genetically-enhanced warrior volunteered for an experimental program to create a hybrid with powerful psionic abilities, using DNA taken from a giant serpent that decimated one of their outer colonies. Though his body changed into a form beyond the scientists’ expectations, his mind became a weapon that could alter the very course of Iriduan civilization, perhaps even saving it from its inevitable ruin.

After such drastic alterations to his biology, scientists told him he was free from the affliction that caused Iriduan males to imprint on a single female, bonding him to her for life. The last thing he expects is to bond instantly to a human female he rescues during a raid on a pirate colony. Now, he’s stuck with her, because if he isn’t exposed to his mate’s scent on a regular basis, he will die. The fact that his body craves her as much as it needs her fills him with resentment, but when he realizes that the Iriduan Empire will do anything to keep her under their control because of what she means to him, he doesn’t hesitate to protect his mate—even if it means betraying his people.

The rogue test subject and the abducted human make a desperate escape from the Iriduan Empire, but the galaxy proves to be a dangerous place and there are worse things than the Iriduans waiting in the darkness of space. With no one to rely on except for each other, Nahash and Cass might not live long enough to find a home where they can settle down and explore the love that grows between them—love that takes them beyond their physical bond.

Author’s Note: 18+ Contains steamy scenes between a human heroine and a very alien hero.

I hope you all enjoy Nahash’s story. If you liked the story so much you want to spread the word, reviews are a great place to start, and they help out so much!! Especially reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and now BookBub. Of course, just talking about it to your friends and their friends, and mentioning it on social media when it fits the conversation 😉 also helps tremendously.

I also hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween if you celebrate it. As for me, my brain is fried after my marathon month of getting this book ready to publish. I don’t think the zombies will be interested in my brains when I’m out and about on Halloween Night.

Now that I’m thoroughly exhausted, I think it’s time for a vacation. Sleeping is a vacation, right?

I’m Not Slacking, I Promise!

Just a random beautiful dragonfly picture for no reason whatsoever… 😉 


Long time, no blog. I know, I know, I’ve been slackin’. Well, not really, since I’ve still been getting my daily word count in. I just haven’t been doing it with blog posts. Right now, I’m working on a couple of WIPs, but one has taken precedence over the others because of what has been inspiring me lately.

Some days, I walk away from my computer feeling bummed out at how little I was able to accomplish, or how unhappy I am with what I’ve written. The story won’t be moving in the right direction, which is something I feel intuitively, even though I’m following my own outline for it. Something about the way the characters are interacting, or their other behavior tells me that everything I planned for them won’t work and I’ll have to either create all new characters (a difficult prospect at that point, since they’ve become real in my mind), or I’ll have to replot the entire story.

In both cases, it often means starting from scratch, even if I’m already 20K words in (or even completely finished with the entire manuscript!) I’ve done this far too many times in the past, which makes me feel like I’m spinning my wheels and getting nothing done. It’s definitely a set-back.

On other days, I feel really, REALLY good about where the story is heading, and I’m disappointed that I have to walk away from the computer, because my mind is full of ideas. Today was one of those wonderful days. Even though I stopped working at 1800 words, I feel very pleased with where the story is going, and I’m loving the characters.

And here’s another random pretty picture which I’m sure means nothing… 😉

Of course, that could change tomorrow, and often does. Though I try to pre-plan with something of an outline, even if it’s only a phrase or two per major plot point, I often have to change things based on how my characters are developing. There are some things that are just out of character for how I’ve written them, so I have to rethink those elements. Instinct takes over and I follow what “feels” right, rather than what I thought I’d wanted for them.

I have a love-hate relationship with the creative process. I tend to become wholly invested in the story, which leads to emotional highs and lows when I’m working on it. The editing and revision process is much calmer for me, and I can’t wait until that first draft is done and I can begin the sometimes tedious work of polishing it up.

There are days when I feel like I should dust off one of my discarded manuscripts and polish those up to publish instead of working on new WIPs, but I also want to see the culmination of some of my series, so I continue work while the inspiration for those series are still fresh in my mind.

Right now, that’s a good thing. I’m very excited about my current WIP. I think it’s shaping up quite nicely. I’d love to share more details about it here, but I don’t want to commit myself yet, as things often change during the process.

Hopefully, I’ll have more specific news about my current work in progress for you soon, but until then, I just wanted to let you know, I’m still here, and I’m busily working on the my next story.