It’s All a Matter of Perspective

When I started out writing Lilith’s Fall, it looked a great deal different than it does now. One of the biggest changes I made was in switching from first-person Point of View (POV) to third-person POV. There is a distinct reason that I chose to make this change. I should mention one of the big …

Tired of Failing? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be.

The fear of failure is sometimes crippling. I’ve often found it paralyzing to my creativity and sense of adventure. A simple shift of perspective can take the teeth out of the word, and reveal it for what it really is, an opportunity.

Do People Even Read Anymore?

Is the glut of modern media too much for the humble written word to compete with? How do we convince people to put down their phones and pick up a book? Should we even bother? I’d like to know what you think?

I’m on Goodreads Now!

I know it’s not regular blog day, but I wanted to share some news. I will be doing my regular blog on schedule though on Monday. I have something planned that I hope will be thought provoking. Anywho, on to my news. I’ve clearly had my nose in a book for far too long, because …

Oh Happy Day!

Jessabelle’s Beast is finally available on Amazon, and I’m thrilled to be able to take a much needed rest. I hope you all check it out while it’s only .99. I’ve included two sample chapters.