It’s been a busy year!

So, the “year in review” posts are going around on Facebook right now, and I’m so glad I got tagged to do one, because I don’t think I would have taken the time for it if I hadn’t, but it was valuable time spent. I’m far too often focused on the future, without taking a […]

The Right Girl

I’ve finally reached the point where I can devote my full attention to Book 4 of my Shadows in Sanctuary series—Uriale’s Redemption. I have to say, it is the one book I have been both looking forward to, and dreading. Uriale is a complex character that doesn’t fit any of the traditional “romance” molds. He […]

Out of My Comfort Zone

Anyone who has been following the “Aliens that Look Like Aliens” thread on the romance forums of first Amazon and then Romance Forums, has probably seen my skeptical comments on multiple-partner romances. Sometimes called ménage romances or reverse harems, they usually involve a female heroine with multiple male heroes. When I started out reading romance […]

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 22 and Epilogue

Febe and Morbidon have been torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. Can they come back together and find the happiness that has been stolen from them? Will they overcome the obstacles that now keep Febe from being Morbidon’s Bride?

The Evolution of Story

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. Someday stole Monday. Just came in the night, stealthy like a ninja, and snatched it away. I’m pretty sure it was Time who did it. That guy’s a real jerk sometimes. Anyway, I missed Monday’s post because I spent all day doing story revisions. I mean all day! Like wake […]

Alien Romance Coming Soon!

Tired of those same old alien romances where the aliens look just like humans? Yeah, so am I! I’ve just finished the first draft of a manuscript for something new and different! An alien romance that pushes the boundaries. This isn’t your typical boy-next-door-looking alien, folks.

Tired of Failing? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be.

The fear of failure is sometimes crippling. I’ve often found it paralyzing to my creativity and sense of adventure. A simple shift of perspective can take the teeth out of the word, and reveal it for what it really is, an opportunity.