Aaand Monday Rolls Around Again, Completely without Remorse, to Blindside Us

Ah, Monday, you little thorn in my side, you. Here you are again. So, I have a whole list of blog posts that I want to write and put up on my blog, but of course, if I could actually get to finishing anything on my list, I would be a superhuman being of awesomeness! …

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 16

Febe is dying, being slowly consumed by Morbidon’s magical wraithfire. He isn’t able to put out the flames. No matter what magic he tries, he’s only able to slow them down, but his soulmate still suffers. Can he confront the rage inside him and defeat it to quench those flames once and for all?

I’m Back!!!

I’m back from my vacation and it’s so good to be home! Being away from my laptop (and phone! Gah!), was not as relaxing as I anticipated. Needless to say, my handwriting skills got a workout on this vacation. I don’t think I’ve ever used my little journal so much. I had a good time, …

Vacation Mode

I had a plan for this Monday’s blog, but my brain checked out early. It just cashed in its chips and ran for the door. So unreliable! Tsk, tsk. That’s why I abandoned my plans, (don’t worry, I made notes for other Mondays so you will see the blogs I intended) and decided to go …

Too Villainous for Romance?

I read a lot of romance and sometimes the alpha warrior heroes all start to sound the same: noble, honorable, “good”. I like all those qualities, but sometimes, I want my heroes to be a bit villainous. Am I alone in this?

Morbidon’s Bride: Chapter 11

Febe must come face to face with her fears. She’s fighting to find her courage in the land of the dead, but all that was familiar to her seems lost, and she’s reeling from her change in circumstances. How will her first real conversation with her future husband go?