Free Books?

Oops, I forgot to put this out there earlier so that you could be prepared. For today and Saturday only, The Scorpion’s Mate and Into the Dead Fall two book set is available absolutely free! If you’ve been wanting to check it out, now your best chance to get it for free to add to […]

So, some crazy things have been happening in my life, and they all started around the same time. For one thing, The Scorpion’s Mate and Into the Dead Fall have gotten a LOT of attention and wonderful feedback! I’m so honored and amazed that so many people have taken the time to read my stories […]

Once Again I Wonder…

Creativity versus marketability. Once again, I ask myself the question and wonder which consideration should win. Does everyone lose when writers play it safe?

Monday Already?

Well now lookie here. What do we have here? Wait…it’s a Monday! Gah! That means blog day! *runs around in circles, pulling out hair* Okay, it’s Monday again. Somehow, it just keeps sneaking up on me. Someone needs to put a bell on that thing! I don’t have a lot of… well, actually I have […]

Alien Romance Coming Soon!

Tired of those same old alien romances where the aliens look just like humans? Yeah, so am I! I’ve just finished the first draft of a manuscript for something new and different! An alien romance that pushes the boundaries. This isn’t your typical boy-next-door-looking alien, folks.

Aaand Monday Rolls Around Again, Completely without Remorse, to Blindside Us

Ah, Monday, you little thorn in my side, you. Here you are again. So, I have a whole list of blog posts that I want to write and put up on my blog, but of course, if I could actually get to finishing anything on my list, I would be a superhuman being of awesomeness! […]