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The Iriduans never gave up their plans for the deadly scorpion warrior, Thrax, and since they couldn’t recapture him, they did the next best thing.

They cloned him.

They improved upon their initial design. They made their new warrior stronger, faster, more prescient—and they cured him of the imprinting affliction.

Or so they thought….



After my husband dumped me for a younger woman, I felt certain I’d hit rock bottom. A word of advice… never jump to that conclusion, because the hole can always get deeper.

Especially when you can’t seem to stop digging.

When an inhumanly handsome man chatted me up at the hardware store, I sensed he was too good to be true, but I was adventurous enough to agree to a date. I felt far less adventurous after I woke up in a mysterious maze to realize that I’d been abducted by evil aliens.

Then I learned that I wasn’t the lab rat in that maze.

I was the cheese!

Fortunately, the monster hunting me wasn’t interested in making me into a meal. Even though he walks on two legs like a man, he has a sting that can kill a woman in an instant—or leave her begging for his touch. For some reason, he chose the latter and left me aching for more, feeling wild about him in a way I’d never experienced before.

His reaction to me confused my alien captors and left their leader determined to unravel the mystery of his test subject’s interest in me, while I’m determined to drive the arrogant Iriduan scientist crazy, even as I vow to find a way to escape the research facility with my new scorpion man in tow.

Perhaps the mysterious green Iriduan captive in the cage next to me can help me with that—even though he sometimes gets this cold, emotionless look in his eyes that makes me think he’s the biggest threat of all.

I left Earth minus one human man and ended up with three alien males who might be too much for me to handle, but I’ll have a lot of fun trying—if we don’t all end up dead.  

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