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A former elite Iriduan soldier, Shulgi lives with many regrets. He’s determined to redeem himself by curing the mate imprinting affliction that affects Iriduan males. Unfortunately, the necessity for secrecy makes it difficult to spread the cure to those males in need of it most. He must hide his clinic in the corrupt, criminal city of Za’Kluth, a pirate and slaver hideout on a lava world clinging to the very edge of the CivilRim.

When cargo he’s expecting is delivered to the wrong dock, bringing him into contact with a beautiful human slave named Molly, things get even more complicated. Her delicate appearance and incomparable grace impress him, but the attraction Shulgi feels towards the “dyed flower” of a notorious gang boss stems from something much deeper.

He was cured of the mating affliction, but his desire for Molly cannot be denied. Knowing that she suffers in the clutches of a monster, he must seek and destroy her foul master and free her from her bonds—even if it means risking his own important mission.


Molly has a dangerous secret—a subterfuge so bold and risky that she can’t allow anyone outside of her trusted circle to get too close to her, lest it be uncovered. When Shulgi is lured into her underworld to reclaim his property, he threatens her aloof façade. She didn’t count on her reaction to the handsome Iriduan male, nor how she would come to crave him more than her next breath.

The plan was simple, the potential payoff big enough to take the risk, but her intense feelings for Shulgi cast her carefully constructed life into turmoil. Her feelings for him risk everything she has worked so hard to build, but she can’t bring herself to deny the promise of a love that would be worth any sacrifice.

Shulgi is determined to free Molly from her bonds, and Molly is desperate to protect her secret, even as she loses her heart.

Their love threatens to destroy them both, but neither of them can ignore it. When tragedy strikes, will they survive the fallout—and can their love possibly endure the truth?

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